Adding Photos

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We're big on grow logs here, showing off and sharing our gardens.

This is a grab-bag topic for how to add pictures to your posts - the child pages give details.

In general, in the text editor, there is an Insert/Edit Image tool. That brings up a dialog that allows you to insert and customize images, complete with thumbnail versus large view, linking to web pages, aligning the image with the text, scaling, etc. You can even use this to upload an image directly to AerogardenMastery, generate thumbnails for those images, and manage your collection of uploaded images.

Note:  Uploading images to AerogardenMastery is discouraged. It's far better to use a web photo hosting service like Google Picasa or Photobucket, and here just link to those hosted images. The uploaded file limit is 10 Mb here, and more intended for text-type documents.

The child topics of this page go into more detail about constructing lightboxes, and assorted image tools.

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