2009/10/10 - SS6-1 Herb and Arugula

Okay, My Mom's AG6 and mine AG6 has been laying empty / off since June / July when my was in hospital or just out of hospital and there was the whole outdoor garden to content with.  Now that winter is coming and she started moving her plants in along with the reduced height frame from the 4 tier mini-greenhouse I got her, she finally asked if we can start an AG since she wanted the spillover light for her plants.

We talked about it a bit and she is not a fan of the lettuce / salad green although she did like the arugula to add to salad.  They tend to buy 1lb box of baby spinach or spring greens every 2-3 of weeks for their salads so they don't have leaf salads every week but something just have cucumber salads or a salad with tomotoes, cucumbers and avacado.  Having lots of cherry tomatoes for the summer and having only short model, she declined on the cherry tomatoes too. 

She wanted some flowers and some herbs and wondered if they can be put in the same SS6 so without telling her, I put the flowers she selected in a new red AG3 and put the Basil, Oregano and Thyme she said she used the most last time with a cinnamon basil in a recycled pod with park starts refill and 2 arugulas in recycled pods with and AG peat plug and a park starts refill peat plug in her black SS6.

Date planted : Oct 10, 2009
AG:                Black Space Saver 6 (SS6)  - 6 months old
Kit:                AG pods: Basil, Oregano, Thyme and custom: Cinnamon Basil in Park Starts and 2x Arugula in AG & Park Starts peat 
Water:           Tap left out for a day

AG SS6 with AG Basil, Oregano, Thyme and custom Cinnamon Basil, 2x Arugula 

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