2009/10/10 - AG3 - Splash of Color modified

Okay, My Mom's AG6 and mine AG6 has been laying empty / off since June / July when my was in hospital or just out of hospital and there was the whole outdoor garden to content with.  Also I never planted my 3 AG3s (except the black one for my sister with lettuce and arugula).  I might give one of it to a friend for Xmas since she want one for herbs.

With my weekly travel schedule and a demanding project from end of July, I asked my Mom several times if she wanted to start another AG but she declined for the last 3 months due to the outdoor garden.  Now that winter is coming and she started moving her plants in along with the reduced height frame from the 4 tier mini-greenhouse I got her, she finally asked if we can start an AG since she wanted the spillover light for her plants.

We talked about it a bit and she is not a fan of the lettuce / salad green although she did like the arugula to add to salad.  Having lots of cherry tomatoes for the summer and having only short model, she declined on the cherry tomatoes too. 

She liked the idea of flowers so took a look at the Splash of Color and the Cascading Blooms.  I really wanted the mimulus (monkey flower) and she like the mini geranium from the splash of color but was not too crazy about the marigold so decided she was going to substitute a blue Lobelia instead.   It is a shame that the Scented flower 3 pod I purchased from the amazon deal turned out to be another Splash of color and the mountain meadow and english cottage are still with friends in the US since she would have more choice then. 

So this was planted in the red AG3 which I purchased end of April from the aerogarden outlet store and housed at my Mom's since I am on the road 4-5 days a week and one of the 4 AG3 was intended for her anyway.   But I have to say it is for me since she would have offered to pay me for it since we already got her AG SS6 for her birthday.  I choose the red rather than the other black AG3 on my shelf since red looks good against the black mini-greenhouse frame and I think it would look good against the splash of color.

Date planted : Oct 10, 2009
AG:                Red AG3 (new)
Kit:                Splash of Color with Lobelia replacing the Marigold - nutrient tablets were partially liquidfied when I got them in May
Water:           Tap left out for a day

AG3 with Mimulus, Geranium, Lobelia

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I'll add my 'look forward to

I'll add my 'look forward to these as well'.


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Me too!  I can't wait to see

Me too!  I can't wait to see these grow!






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Definitely looking forward to

Definitely looking forward to pics of the flowers Mary.



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Looking forward to pictures

Looking forward to pictures of these, Mary! I haven't seen many pictures from others growing flowers. They really do cheer up my office in winter, though!

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