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Old Florida Guy's Bucket List Ginger 2 days 3 hours ago view

 Cute. :)

Thank you for reading my book!

Other neutriants besides aerodarden neutriants Old Florida Guy 2 days 18 hours ago view

Try pouring the nutrient liquid in a smaller bottle. It makes it a LOT easier to handle.

I buy mine by the gallon and just use the original bottles. Been doing this for the past year.


Newbie to the site! Ginger 3 days 5 min ago view

Welcome! :)

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Bella_G 3 months 1 week ago view

Thanks for the tips.  I think this is going to be a trial-error thing for me.  We use a lot of basil, thyme & flat-leaf parsley, so for sure will go with those.  May try cilantro just to see what happens (I personally hate the stuff, but rest of family loves it).  Lettuce is also high on my list to try soon.  Will wait on peppers for now as I'll have a bit of a learning curve & don't need an aphid battle thrown in at this point.

So happy I found this forum - really helps answer my newbie questions.

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Wally R 3 months 1 week ago view

I’ve planted Burpee hot pepper seeds in the grow anything pods in a Bounty Elite.  They’re still young but sprouted nicely. I use an xacto knife to cut crevices into the peat cone in the pod and insert 5 or 6 seeds in each pod into the crevices with tweezers.  Burpee seeds can be expensive because you get far more seeds than you need and they have a limited shelf life of a year or so.

You have to pick Burpee varieties that have a low grow height, say 18 inches, and a relatively narrow spread.  As Ginger has noted, peppers including sweet peppers are a magnet for aphids, it’s some effort to deal with them.  The sweet peppers and Roma tomatoes by themselves would fill up your AG with no room for herbs.  They’re probably too large for a 7 pod AG.

For herb selection, think about what you would actually use in cooking.  In my first garden, I planted some herbs that seemed cool but that I don’t really use often.  Once they’re growing you have to harvest herbs frequently to keep them from growing up into the light and to keep the fast growers (basil, parsley) from crowding the others out.

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Ginger 3 months 1 week ago view

I use these sponges. The styrofoam block system is handy, too -- can start the next Aerogarden grow while the current one finishes up, overlapping grows by a week or three.


Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Bella_G 3 months 1 week ago view

Ginger, you rock!

We will probably use lettuce & basil the most, so glad to know that combo works.   

I like the idea of using your own sponges, etc vs spending the $$ for kit.   I did see some AG sponges on Amazon - were those the type you used?  I also like the flexibility of using my seeds vs buying kits & only really wanted several of the pods included. 

Looking forward to getting set up!

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Ginger 3 months 1 week ago view

Lettuce and basil work together. Most other herbs, the lifespans don't match up very well. As in, the lettuce is ending its useful lifespan just a few weeks after the pokey herb really gets going.

It's been years since I bought an Aerogarden kit - I mostly use my own sponges, nutes, and seeds these days. Reuse the plastic pod baskets. I did buy a grow-anything kit once upon a time.

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Bella_G 3 months 1 week ago view

Thanks again, Ginger.  Info is very helpful.  I think I'll be using herbs & lettuces the most often, with tomato & peppers for attempt #2, & flowers after that.  

Is it possible to do some herbs & lettuces together?  

Have you had best experience using the pod kits vs. the grow-anything pods w/other seeds?

Plant combo - 1st planing ?s Ginger 3 months 1 week ago view

Hi Bella,

I'm big on instant gratification. :)

The lettuce, or the herbs, will be useful soonest. The fruiting and flowering plants are really slow, so I'd suggest waiting on that for after a first successful experience with leaves. Of the fruiting plants, jalapenos seem to be easiest. (But I haven't grown them because I don't like hot peppers.)

Kale and spinach (especially spinach) don't thrive in an Aerogarden. Mint, chives, cilantro, and rosemary don't do well.

Basil does really, really well. So if you don't like pods in the gourmet herb kit, what you could do is scrape out the seeds you don't like, and replace those pods with extra basil or parsley. Because basil and parsley are herbs you use in greater bulk.

Mixing plants of different lifespans and nutritional needs causes problems.

My favorite? Summer crisp and compact romaine lettuces.

Aphid Problem Wally R 3 months 1 week ago view

I’ve been spraying the poblano and sweet pepper plants every other day for over a week.  There’s still the odd aphid on them but it’s pretty much under control.  They aren’t infesting the tomato plants, and lots of tomatoes are growing.  Replanted a lettuce garden in the Farm Plus.

Wally R

Moving Ultra? (newbie question) Bella_G 3 months 1 week ago view

Thanks, Ginger - & good idea, using the emergency blanket strip. 

Moving Ultra? (newbie question) Ginger 3 months 1 week ago view

Welcome, Bella!

They're pretty easy to move until the plants get big. FWIW, I sometimes used a strip of emergency blanket (the cheap mirrored plastic kind) around the rim of the light hood, to keep the light out of my eyes.


Aphid Problem Wally R 3 months 2 weeks ago view

I looked on the internet and found an aphid treatment consisting of 5 cups water, 2 cups alcohol (I used 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol), and 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid.  That made too much for my spray bottle, so I scaled it down by 1/3. I wiped the aphids off the leaves as best I could and sprayed the leaves with the liquid.  We’ll see how well the pepper plants survive the treatment.  I decided to give up on the pepper plants in the Sprout LEDs, they were too infested.  I’ll replant them with herbs.

So far I haven’t seen any aphids on the tomato plants or lettuce, they seem to like pepper plants.  I’ve got my first tomato growing!

Wally R

Aphid Problem Ginger 3 months 2 weeks ago view

Not very helpful, but I gave up on growing peppers in AG's, because they get aphid-infested, and I don't like washing aphids off plants. Some people don't seem to have this problem. But I do.

For whatever reason, no aphids when I grow peppers in potting mix indoors.