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Kale growth Ginger 1 day 5 hours ago view

I tried it and it never got very big. And I didn't like it, so I didn't try harder.

Tomatoes Dbluedeem 1 week 6 days ago view


Snipped two of them. :(

I feed them regularly, every 2 weeks, 1 cap full for 4 plants.  

I moved the lettuce to a different garden the Aerogarden 7, its' all lettuce now.  I put two small spinach seedings in their place.

As far as light they get all the lite.  The ultra garden is set on tomatoes and peppers.

Thanks for your help.  I wait to see, I hate to have to start over.  



Tomatoes Ginger 1 week 6 days ago view

Not sure from that picture, but a couple things...

No more than one tomato plant per pod. Snip the weaker plant out with scissors.

When it says to cut above the 5th branch, don't include the seed leaves in that count. Seed leaves aren't branches.

As for the yellowing - I don't know. Maybe underfed, too little light, who knows. Tomato leaves yellow all the time. It can be aphids, but you'd see them on the backside of the leaves if so.

If those are lettuce pods, they'll need to move elsewhere. Tomato-strength nutes will kill lettuce. Lettuce-strength nutes will starve a tomato.


Bitter lettuce Marianne 2 weeks 2 days ago view

If this is the lettuce I'm thinking of then it's not bitter at all. Very mild flavor. Great in sandwiches, etc. Enjoy!

Limited capacity Ginger 3 weeks 1 day ago view

Hm. That is possible if you're trying to upload huge photos.

I'd suggest uploading to Google or someplace, and just linking them on your growlog?

Stunted growth Dbluedeem 3 weeks 3 days ago view


Thanks for your reply.  I have added lettuce to my c6 (classic 6) and my aerogarden 7, which seem to be growing fine sprouts already.  I will work on the ultra to cleanse the water as suggested. 


Stunted growth Ginger 3 weeks 4 days ago view

Doesn't look diseased, maybe a bit slow.

If you're concerned, dump the reservoir and refill with fresh water, no nutes, for a few days. Lettuce absolutely hates too much nutrient.

The seed makes seed leaves pretty quickly. Then the baby plant uses energy collected by the seed leaves to make true leaves. I see those nubbins in your picture.

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce Ginger 3 weeks 4 days ago view

Aerogarden will send you a replacement kit if you ask. That takes time.

Or you could simply wash the sponges and add a few lettuce seeds to the top (not inside the hole) of each pod to speed things up.

Lettuce takes a few days, max, to sprout.

Another aerogarden Ginger 1 month 1 week ago view

Tomatoes and spinach are advanced projects.

For your first tomato project, I'd advise one of the AG kits, because they've tested varieties that work in miniature - and an Aerogarden is uber-small to grow tomatoes.

Spinach has other issues. The spinach tap root won't go through the sponge.


Vacant pods Ginger 1 month 2 weeks ago view

Incompatible lifespan, nutritional needs, light needs... Really need to grow tomatoes alone.

Vacant pods Dbluedeem 1 month 2 weeks ago view

Is it because the tomatoes are tall?  I don't understand if I prune everything way back and make room for them. They are both end pods.  Thanks for your response

Vacant pods Ginger 1 month 2 weeks ago view

Basil and lettuce could work. Tomatoes cannot.

Do you think that video is legit? Marianne 1 month 2 weeks ago view

I have never tried this with the berries, but I have grown key lime trees from seed -- and have made pie from my very own key limes! I've seen tomatoes sprout up from tomatoes that just fell off the vine the year before so I'd have to say that's legit as well. As kids we would often grow pineapples & avocados from the tops and seeds. I don't remember getting fruit from any of those experiments but I wasn't a particularly diligent gardener as a child.

Unknown growth MyJackABee 1 month 2 weeks ago view

It is a combination of hard water and nutrient residue coming thru the water channels  of the deck.

Unknown growth Ginger 1 month 3 weeks ago view

That's normal enough, like hard water crust around faucets. You can chip it off with a fingernail, some.