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Cilantro kind of... stuck Ginger 1 week 2 days ago view

Sorry, Berley, I don't know. I'd probably give it time, so long as they aren't physically constrained, and have light.

Cilantro kind of... stuck Berley 1 week 2 days ago view

Thanks, Ginger! I'll give that a try. Should I be harvesting the few sprigs that are a lot longer than the short bunch? To allow them more light? Or just leave it a few days and see?

Cilantro kind of... stuck Ginger 1 week 2 days ago view

Welcome, Berley!

Did you try gently pushing the sponge upward a bit in the pod basket? At least that could gain you access you want to thin the bunch a little. But just moving up might help them grow out of there.

"Coffee Hydro" Ginger 1 week 4 days ago view

Nice job!!!

Cascading Petunias not growing Funpilot 2 weeks 2 days ago view

My two remaining petunia plants are now growing rapidly.  I did change from my well water to store bought water and I think that helped a lot.  

Water in Bounty Reservoir Tank is too warm Badmanrick 2 weeks 2 days ago view

I have a new aerogarden Bounty Led Wifi and don't have that problem with the new led lights. I don't use the reflectors. And it stays at room temp. 

Aquarium aerator for AeroGarden? Badmanrick 2 weeks 2 days ago view

I have an Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI and found the same air pump on that aerogarden sells. . I purchased two large round air stones and a fitting kit and hose. I used one backstop valve and one "T" fitting and put one round stone in each half of the tank. Works great plants grow better and pump is quite. 

I need some new basquets, domes and grow sponges Nichen 2 weeks 2 days ago view

No worries Ginger...I guess I'll have to start using the "IKEA-aerogarden" from now on. Too bad...I really love the aerogardens I got.

Take care!

Oregano? parks1510 2 weeks 3 days ago view

The best tip is to not go overboard with nutrients. For herbs, I use 6 ml first feeding. No more than 8 ml, ever. I also use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar when I add nutrients.

Cascading Petunias not growing Funpilot 3 weeks 6 days ago view

The hardening approach appears to be working.  Thanks.  

How To Grow Strawberries in an Aerogarden Ginger 4 weeks 58 min ago view

Thanks, Dianne. I thought it was really good!

How To Grow Strawberries in an Aerogarden dianne 4 weeks 2 hours ago view

I have a new comprehensive post for growing strawberries on my blog. Ginger allows me to post the link here so anybody would like to know more about growing strawberries can take a look. Thank you

Cascading Petunias not growing Funpilot 1 month 1 day ago view

Thanks for the feedback.  I just got off the phone with Customer Service and I was told the same thing on shelf life.  Your hardening idea was not something they said to me, so I am going to try it.  They think the problem is my water so I am off to find distilled water.  As for how long the water runs, I was told that in the germination periiod it runs one hour in every 12 hours, afterwards, it is on all the time.  So, it does not appear I have a poroblem with my pump.  

Cascading Petunias not growing Ginger 1 month 2 days ago view

Sorry to hear that, Funpilot. First off, put the covers back on the two survivors, and harden them to dry air gradually, if they're being that finicky. They've been living at 100% humidity, and aren't coping with winter-dry air, probably. It's probably also cooler in the real world.

You could (after hardening) transplant out the two plants you have so far... Pot them up and put them on a sunny windowsill. Petunias are very slow to flower. I don't know where you live, so I don't know whether that works for growing them for outdoors later.

It differs wildly between species how long a seed is viable. Should be safe for a year. Might be good for three years. Probably not longer. I don't know petunia seeds that well. (I have grown them. They are very slow. :) )


Trinidad VV7 Scorpion Peppers [10/05/2016] parks1510 1 month 4 days ago view

I figured out what the problem with with the newer leaves is. It is a calcium deficiency. I've been having issues with all of my hotter peppers. The leaves get all wrinkled. And once that happenes, the leaf stays that way. I have that problem with all of my peppers, right now. I am going to pick up som Cal-i-Mag tomorrow. I hope it works. I still need to figure out how much to use alongside the AG nutes.