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New to Indoor Gardening/Harvesting Ginger 1 day 20 hours ago view

Welcome, CherryO. :)

Trouble with seed pods & plants; nutrient timer Ginger 1 month 4 days ago view

 Sorry to hear you've had such trouble, zoolady. And welcome to the forum.

I haven't grown the plants you discuss except for baby greens. Those hated my water. If they shrivel and die when exposed to your air, I imagine your air is too dry for them. They might need spritzing.

Bad water can be a serious problem for lettuce germinating as well. And, lettuce seed does get too old to germinate fairly quickly, like 2 years. Pepper seeds are likewise short-lived.

If the tomato in soil died the same way as the tomato in the Aerogarden, it's just wearing itself out. I've seen other tomato varieties that do that. Just put so much energy into their first crop that they failed to invest in living past that. So yeah, it could just be the variety.

Anyway, that's all I can comment on. And welcome.

Outdoor Berries 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

The strawberry plants are happy this year! Getting bigger berries, and more of them. Not as sweet in the heat.

Outdoor Flowers 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

Not many pansies left, but lots of lovely volunteer flowers filling in - hollyhock, many calibrachoa, a couple vinca, plus the impatiens and  gazanias I grew from seed, and a few things I bought. This year's hollyhock is shell pink again. Getting compliments on the flowers. The middle of the garden bed still looks a bit barren from the pea season's end a couple weeks ago.

Outdoor Cucumbers and Beans 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

Got first cuke this week! :) It was a tsuyataro. I'd always wondered, and now I'm sure. Tsuyataro fruit is more yellow and sweeter than summerdance. (I prefer summerdance, and it yields like crazy.) May harvest a second one tonight from one of the "burpless" (but otherwise unspecified) plants I bought as backup from the nursery. At the moment I have seven plants, 3 in a growbag and 4 in the ground. I might cut a couple.

Oh, didn't take a picture, but I harvested 4 beans today too. The beans won't amount to much, though there is one pole bean on the cucumber tower that hasn't gotten started yet.

Outdoor Eggplant 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

Harvested a couple eggplant this week - my first for the year. They were excellent. Sauteed in garlic and olive oil and put on pizza. :)

Maybe the July heat, maybe the pepper fertilizer, but this plant has definitely gotten happier.

Indoor/Outdoor Tomatoes 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

July 22nd and I've only eaten fruit from two tomato plants so far -- artisan tiger stripe, and juliet. I could have eaten the artisan sooner if I'd realized quicker I'd gotten the green variety this year. laugh Very sweet and fruity, and the stripes get ever so slightly golden when ripe. Hard to spot the ripe ones. At the first juliets today, because they came off the plant when I tested them.

The other two early starts, buck's county and Park's whatever CR Improved, haven't delivered yet (should harvest a Park's in a few days - can see it bottom right of the tomato tree picture). The Park's and Supertasty have blossom end rot. I'm surprised, but the fantastico does not do well in the topsy-turvy. It was worth a try, but that habitat goes back to sweet baby girl from now on.

Outdoor Peppers 2017 Ginger 2 months 3 weeks ago view

Lots of peppers ripening now. :) More from the early plants, but ripening from the main-season plants as well. Very weird weather, when the peppers are ahead of most of the tomatoes.

Not tracking harvests this year. The peppers pictured are yummy, carmen, lunchbox red, orange, and gold (I think), and the big guy is a costa rican. One each of carmen, yummy, and costa rican were the early indoor/outdoor plants (February start).


Keep the updates coming Ginger 3 months 1 week ago view

:) I'd like to update more, Funpilot, just crazy busy. Hopefully after book launch...

Outdoor Berries 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

Well, they weren't big berries, but we enjoyed the first flush of strawberries. smiley And the volunteer wild raspberries will bear fruit this year for a change.

Not sure whether the 'wild' patch is wild, or commercial varieties I planted, but that little corner by the woods seems to be revived. That's been a project of mine for a few years. I thought I'd failed. Maybe not.

Outdoor Eggplant 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

The eggplant had a lovely flower already, but that one failed. Further buds under development. Happy little plant, finally getting warm enough.

For better or worse, I fed it some of my new pepper fertilizer. < shrug > I have no idea whether eggplant are more pepper-like or more tomato-like in their nutritional needs. (Other than not needing as much as the other two.)

Outdoor Peppers 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

Yeah, those advanced fruit from a month ago? Still haven't ripened. All is pokey on the pepper front, though the elder three plants have quite a bit of fruit on them. (They're the tallest three in the driveway pots.)

I got Gurney's Pepper food and fed it to them. (I can't believe they sell three different formulas for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant - but they do.) The last two Carmen pepper plants (on the right) only joined the growbox a week ago or so (with fruit on board), when I harvested the last cabbage. The cabbage wasn't grown, but caterpillars laid eggs, so I wanted to eat it before they did.

Outdoor Cucumbers and Beans 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

It's been a rough spring for everything, but really rough for beans and cukes. frown Too cold, too wet, too many leafhoppers.

Last weekend I started a couple more cuke plants in Dixie cups to baby along outside the garden; added insecticidal geraniums; and bought a couple cukes from the nursery. (They were advertised as 'burpless, bitter free' - no idea what variety, though the seedlings look like they didn't get enough light.) They will be late, but there will be cucumbers. It is required. My favorite vegetable!!!

FWIW, the geraniums really do seem to discourage cucumber-devouring bugs. I tried doing without, because geraniums cost money. Didn't work. I believe in the power of geraniums.

The beans I'm less opinionated about - my son is the green bean fan. Doesn't look like he'll get many.

Indoor/Outdoor Tomatoes 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

Tomato plants all thriving and setting fruit. The tiger stripe will clearly be first ripe fruit of the season, maybe 1-2 weeks yet, with the younger Juliet maybe a week behind. The new variety this year, Park's Whopper CR Improved, has a smaller plant, but faster fruit development so far, than Buck's County, its age and pot-mate. The youngest plant, the topsy-turvy Fantastico, has bigger fruit than the laggard, the Super-Tasty.

Outdoor Flowers 2017 Ginger 3 months 3 weeks ago view

It's been a rough season. But the pansies are still going. The volunteer calibrachoa have started to bloom. A volunteer hollyhock will apparently be shell pink again (hasn't bloomed yet).