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Totem tomato success Ginger 1 year 9 months ago view

Good to know a new winning tomato variety!

Failing again MyJackABee 1 year 10 months ago view

got a new email  send me one here

Tomatoe growth Ginger 2 years 1 month ago view

It depends on the variety, Dbluedeem.

There exist miniature tomato plants. Aerogarden sells kits of these.

For a garden that can reach 24" height, AG kits have dwarf tomatoes, of which you can grow 2.

Most tomato varieties won't fit in an Aerogarden.

Fruit size doesn't tell us what size the plant wants to be. Cherry tomatoes often have huge vines, and some beef varieties are relatively short. So what you've said doesn't really indicate how many (if any) will fit.

Kale growth Dbluedeem 2 years 1 month ago view

My email [email protected]. Thanks :)



Kale growth MyJackABee 2 years 1 month ago view

I can send some info.  but email my username with a @ gmail. com after it.

Kale growth Dbluedeem 2 years 1 month ago view


Thanks for your input.  I took my kale up, ate it and didn't replant it.  It tasted pretty good but not worth the effort small amount. Mine kale grew about the same as yours but I figure too small of an area (classic six) to really grow in?  I planted all Romaine lettuce in its place.  I have one aerogarden (a7) that's all buttercrunch lettuce and it's delicious.  I eat out of it regularly.  I've got another one that's all tomatoes 5 plants (ultra) and now I have all romaine in the classie aerogarden.  Not going to do kale again. I wish I could find a list of recommended veggies don't like planting and not knowing.  I have a baby spinach I have been pampering for I know 2 months and it's still a sprout.  Anyway thanks again for your feedback.


Kale growth Potomac Gardener 2 years 1 month ago view

I recently grew kale using the Mixed Kale Seedpod kit.  It did ok-got about 4-5 inches high (some varieties got higher than others.  I was able to harvest 3 times, each time it grew back.  Finally pulled it out and replanted when a couple of the varieties started to flower and got bitter tasting.

Failing again Nogreenthumb 2 years 1 month ago view

I understand. Thanks for the help that you've been giving me. Think I may just start up a new one over the weekend and see what happens. Just getting frustrated and disappointed, that's all.  Especially when I see pictures and videos of how prolific everyone's Aerogardens are and mine look so sad.

Failing again MyJackABee 2 years 1 month ago view

I wish we can send private messages but we can not.  I owuld have sent you an article to help you.  I do not want to post for copyright reasons.

Failing again Ginger 2 years 1 month ago view

I think you cut them too low if you've only got 2 banks of true leaves. You're supposed to pinch above the third set of true leaves. It's probably survivable, I don't know.

I don't use your nutes. It says 4ml to start, followed by 8ml. The number one mistake people make is to over-feed. And that does, absolutely, result in yellow leaves and gradual death. So always underfeed, never overfeed. And if your plants are sick, start over with clean water and under-feed nutes.

The CSS warning doesn't harm anything.


Failing again Nogreenthumb 2 years 1 month ago view

I watched a video about 10 times and I'm pretty sure I cut them right. I cut the middle growth and left the 2 offshoots. As far as the nutrients go, I'm using 2 capfuls as directed. Are you saying I should use less? I honestly have not seen any bugs except gnats that I get spring and fall in all my houseplants.

As far as posting a pic, one of the problems I keep having is the parameters to be able to upload. It shows no larger than 1 MB and the pixel size is 720  x 540. I have no settings that small.  I went into my settings and I've got it as small as I can so that's one of the problems. The other problem is I keep getting this error message. I've copied and pasted it.

One or more CSS files were not found or does not exist: sites/all/themes/pixture_fixes/c. Did you delete any files or change a file name? You may need to save the theme settings or check all files names are correct in your theme. Please view the online documentation.

I have no idea what this means. If there was any way that we could do some sort of a private message and share email addresses I would love to send you the picture that I took. It might help you be able to see exactly what was wwrong.Just let me know. Thanks


Failing again Ginger 2 years 1 month ago view

I don't see a picture... Some things it might be:

1. I hope you didn't count the seed leaves in 'above the 3rd set of leaves'. You might have pruned off too much plant.

2. The nutrients might be too strong. Drain the reservoir and refill with distilled water, and weakest nute formulation.

3. It's possible there are bugs - aphids or spider mites.

Without a good picture, I'm just guessing. Basil is usually fast & robust.

Kale growth Ginger 2 years 1 month ago view

I tried it and it never got very big. And I didn't like it, so I didn't try harder.

Tomatoes Dbluedeem 2 years 2 months ago view


Snipped two of them. :(

I feed them regularly, every 2 weeks, 1 cap full for 4 plants.  

I moved the lettuce to a different garden the Aerogarden 7, its' all lettuce now.  I put two small spinach seedings in their place.

As far as light they get all the lite.  The ultra garden is set on tomatoes and peppers.

Thanks for your help.  I wait to see, I hate to have to start over.  



Tomatoes Ginger 2 years 2 months ago view

Not sure from that picture, but a couple things...

No more than one tomato plant per pod. Snip the weaker plant out with scissors.

When it says to cut above the 5th branch, don't include the seed leaves in that count. Seed leaves aren't branches.

As for the yellowing - I don't know. Maybe underfed, too little light, who knows. Tomato leaves yellow all the time. It can be aphids, but you'd see them on the backside of the leaves if so.

If those are lettuce pods, they'll need to move elsewhere. Tomato-strength nutes will kill lettuce. Lettuce-strength nutes will starve a tomato.