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Hot Peppers in My Sprout LED Wally R 21 hours 43 min ago view

The variety I bought from Burpee said 18 inches.  And it is starting to flower.  It was growing up into the light and I had to cut it back.  I might not get too many peppers.

Hot Peppers in My Sprout LED Ginger 22 hours 29 min ago view

I googled it, and saw 18-24 inches for Anaheim.

I also saw that people (not me) do pinch pepper plants... To encourage more branchiness. You might want to look into that. I don't know if it would help any.

Hot Peppers in My Sprout LED Wally R 23 hours 8 min ago view

The Burpee Anaheim seeds had a grow height of 18 inches.  I knew that was pushing it in a Sprout LED but I thought I’d give it a try.  It is growing taller and less dense than the other two pepper plants.

Hot Peppers in My Sprout LED Ginger 1 day 9 min ago view

Congratulations on your first jalapeño harvest, Wally! Glad to hear the flavor was good!

I'm very curious to see whether the Anaheims are possible in such a small unit.

Peppers aren't quite so bad about fouling their own water as tomatoes, in my experience. Alas, in my experience, I always get aphid infestations on Aerogarden pepper plants. I haven't figured that one out yet. I don't have that problem growing them in potting mix, so I just do that with peppers. They take forever no matter what you grow them in.

Pump Problem Wally R 2 days 40 min ago view

On the Farm Plus, the pump is dead-center in the middle of the basin with the intake on one side.  It looked like the roots were making a bee-line for the intake, the flow must have been drawing them in.

Pump Problem Ginger 2 days 2 hours ago view

Interesting. I don't what the geometry is like on the Farm pumps. On my old Pro100 AG, I wrapped the pump in a bit of pantyhose to cut down on root intrusion. Seemed to work.

I would credit the person-not-me who came up with the idea, but I don't remember her handle, and she wasn't on this forum.

Tomatoes and pH Wally R 4 days 20 hours ago view

Just hooked up tubing to the pump to drain the basin.  The tubing AeroGarden supplied didn’t work, it had too many kinks in it from being packed.  I had some tubing for use with aerators and that worked.  Will do a water change and re feed.   Thanks!

Tomatoes and pH Ginger 4 days 20 hours ago view

Tomatoes really do a number on their water. I wouldn't solve that with pH up - I'd dump the reservoir and start fresh. If the pH is that far off, so are the nutrients. EC only tells you the density of something in the water. Not that it's a good something.

The bigger the tomato plants get, the faster they trash their water. I'd dump and refill every week.

Good Book Ginger 1 week 1 day ago view

Thanks, Wally, glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah, I think it's best to underfeed lettuce.

Update on the Farm Plus Funpilot 1 week 3 days ago view

Nice post and very informative.   

Update on the Farm Plus Ginger 1 week 3 days ago view

Very cool, Wally, thanks for sharing!

You could do a sort-of rinse by draining, filling, draining, then a refill. But unless you're solving a problem, it is a lot of work.

Dried out salads' leaves (Aerogarden Harvest) Ginger 3 weeks 2 days ago view

They look good. Their roots look good. Some red lettuce has freckles, some look redder.

Seriously, decrease the nutes. Basil doesn't need strong nutes, either. Basil grows happy and fast. It just isn't harmed by slightly stronger nutes. It doesn't need them.

Dried out salads' leaves (Aerogarden Harvest) Lorenzo88 3 weeks 2 days ago view

Thanks a lot, maybe next time i will go with half of the plants (3 plants with 6 pods) and without Basil that could have different needs when coming to nutrients. Regarding the freckles i am worried that it could be something else as it looks very different from the mixed/red salads i have. What do you think? I have also included the current situation of the roots as it might give you some additional clues.






Dried out salads' leaves (Aerogarden Harvest) Ginger 3 weeks 3 days ago view

Congrats on your first harvest, Lorenzo! :)

Lettuce really dislikes strong nutrients. They look OK so far, but whenever in doubt, aim low on the nutrients, a little less than the Aerogarden bottle recommends. Note that the leaves will probably develop freckles as well as browned edges. That's red lettuce, not a disease.

There's a chemical explanation for this. But basically, unless you're using absolutely pure water, there's stuff already in it. Lettuce can only handle so much stuff in its water.


Dried out salads' leaves (Aerogarden Harvest) Lorenzo88 3 weeks 3 days ago view

Hello Ginger and thank you very much! My salads rapidly recover and today (3+ weeks) i've got my first harvest. : ) Regarding the nutrients i have refilled the whole tank with water but this time, as the plants should now require more, i have added 1.5 cups (little less than the 2 cups) but again some brown/black spots are popping out from the lettuce and other salads. Do you still think it might be related to the nutrients or is it just normal? Picture:

 Thanks again.