Subscriptions emails are gone crazy!

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Subscriptions emails are gone crazy!


Just wanted if this is a normal behavior.... During the last month (december), I've received about 30 emails from this forum about digest and post updated, but there were no new contents to show.....

So I've unchecked every subscription on My account section, and emails didnt stop coming ....

Emails always saying : 

AerogardenMastery reports 1 change(s) since your last digest. Please see
Recent posts [1].

There is no change at all...

I think this is a software bug, if not, this is a really annoying feature that need to be checked lol


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I get the email that theres

I get the email that theres new post and I goto the front page and I see that there is replys or new post that I can read. metalheadz click on the left sidebar top item (Recent Post)  and there they are

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Sorry. I'll try to look into

Sorry. frown I'll try to look into it soon - but won't have time til weekend.

In the meantime, I'd suggest setting subscriptions to notifications only once a day.

I haven't gotten any emails from the subscriptions when there wasn't actually a new comment or something in the forum. But as admin, how it behaves towards me isn't a very good indicator of what it does to other people.

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