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For tonight's fun, got the Drupal site installed and configured it with file uploads and WYSIWYG editor (the default Drupal editor is pretty simple-minded, unless you really like composing in HTML. So, I think I've got the kitchen sink included...

And file uploads - a bit quirky, but... You can insert images, and if you have noplace to host them, you can even upload them here - within limits. (If you're going to do a lot, you have to host them elsewhere.) And there's a fair bit of control over how the images get inserted.

And you can wrap around them.

And use different fonts and bullets and different link text than the URL, and, and... fairly smart editor, in other words.

And in addition to uploading pictures, you can attach files below - also subject to limits...

Now the site needs a theme...

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I'm the sixth comment - added to original post.