Fountain Based Aeroponic System Part Deux

Hi Guys,

30 days into the grow now and have been experimenting with different growing media and techniques. The photos below show 4 pepper plants. The front 2 are ones that a raised in peat based jiffy plugs. I have since cut them out of the plugs and transplanted into hydrorton nets and they are growing much faster. The back left pepper plant was raised on Vita link plant start and Hygrozyme. It's growth is phenominal. It's nearly the same size as the front two and was started 2 weeks after them. The back right was planted into a root riot with soaked with Vita link plant start and hygrozyme. It's only a week old now and is already starting to get its first set of real leaves!

As far as I can tell I am using the same LED grow light that Pete is using and it's a real gem. Hardly any heat and minimal noise make it perfect for the flat. The plants seem to love it as well as the color of the leaves is a very very lush green.



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Orlando Jude (not verified)
Nice setup. Enjoy the

Nice setup.

Enjoy the process!