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I've recently purchased a Harvest here in the UK. I've gone through growing the herbs that came with the AG, which went pretty well until I went on holiday for a week, during which they all died due to lack of water.

I'm not very inspired by the other kits on offer or their price, so was looking for guidance on doing something different. I'm a big hot sauce fan, so growing some chillies would appeal. Is anyone is able to point me towards a guide to growing them in the AG, presumably using the grow anything kit to get the pods (I foolishly threw the herb ones away). I've read elsewhere about starting chillies on tissue paper, is that really necessary? Which varieties work best? Do I need special nutrients? Any information would be gratefully received!

Thanks, J

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Welcome, feucht!

Welcome, feucht!

I'm not a fan of hot peppers, myself. But the jalapeno kit is AG-standard, and I've seen others grow chilies. From what I've seen around, they're not especially different from growing sweet peppers. But peppers in general take a long, long time. Like 18-20 weeks.

Maybe someone who knows hot peppers will chime in. Mostly I just wanted to say hi!

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