salad greens

Aerogarden 3 - Salad Greens


I planted Salad Green on December 8, 2008 & they sprouted really quickly.

I had started a blog here complete with pretty pics (but I stopped updating after January 1st)

As of today the greens are ok. There are a bit bitter for my taste. Only one of the Bibb Lettuce vines are producing leaf. All the rest are red & green mixed greens.

Here is a pic of the salad greens today

Lettuce de Gisette glog

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12.7.08 - just planted a new lettuce garden from Gisette seeds she so graciously sent. I had Evergreen Seeds Korean red curl and Burpee toy choi growing in Rapid Rooter outriders since 11.19. I did some serious trimming of the RRs to fit them in an AG pod and hope I didn't do fatal damage to roots. They are looking better after just a few hours, though.

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