Ourdoor Greens 2016

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My first cabbage and lettuce transplants have been outside for 4 weeks now, aged 9 and 6 weeks, I think. Oh, how little we've grown...

There really was gorgeous early spring weather, after a ridiculously warm winter. Then we got a cold spell. Nothing died. But they sure haven't grown much either.

Hopefully now we're done with all that deep-freeze nonsense. (As of, like, 10:00 a.m. this morning.)

Aerogarden Ultra LED - First Grow Tomatoes and Greens

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Yay! Got my new AG Ultra LED and plugged it in tonight.

First planting: test run.

  • fantastico tomato for the long haul

Temporary test plants:

  • toy choi
  • komatsuna
  • Nevada summercrisp lettuce
  • Red Sails looseleaf lettuce

Started in 0.7 EC Urban Farm Fertilizers (UFF) veg formula in rainwater. Because that's what I fed my other AG's today. No special plan.

IndoorSalad Lettuce Splashers Test

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This topic started mixed-in with a Kale grow comparing kale grown in Aerogarden, manual hydroponic "splasher", and soil. But, in the Indoor Salad book, one of my DIY projects is a splasher. So I started out just wanting to test the instructions for the DIY project, since it's been a while. Then I wanted to try out my new 1-part vegetative organic nutrients vs. one-part vegetative inorganic nutrients.


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