Jessi Jordan

Spinach in the AG3


Yes! I am trying out somee spinach seeds in my AG 3.

I know many have tried & failed but I love a challenge!

I took out the AG red heirloom tomato seeds out of their grey 7 pod kit sponge that I never used and put in the spinach seeds and saved the tomato seeds for a rainy day.

Thai Basil


Once at a party last year, I had these chicken pot stickers with this amazing Thai Basil Pesto (had a hint of  Green Thai Chile paste in it too) and I could not get enough of that pesto so when I saw these seeds I had to grab them! It was the last pack!



I wasnt satisified with the thyme I grew in my AG3.

Like the chives there just isnt enuff space in the pods for alot of seeds so I thought I'd grow my own.



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