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I love the Aerogarden but get anxious to start harvesting. I sell gourmet strawberries as plugs and my wife sells herb plugs. We thought, what could be better than starting our plugs in an Aerogarden. So, we bought two Aerogarden Bounty models with the Grow Bowl option. 

We documented the planting of our little gardens and plan to follow them pictorially over time. The image is of the Aerogarden when finished planting.

We hope you enjoy the Grow Log.

Mel's Grow Logs


Well...first lesson learned today.  Be careful what button you hit!!  I typed out this big story and was just about to finish by inserting pics and I hit the wrong button and the page backspaced wiping out everything I'd already typed.  Doh!!  

So because I'm a very patient person (cough cough)...I'll start again...

WinterMinis - 2009/2010

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Replanted the minis today. Will do the usual scheme - one lettuce, one ornamentals. But for the moment, the ornamentals are incubating in my pro100, and two of them may stay there...

20090927: Planted 3 pods silvia red romaine. Other mini is growing 3 "tea" clones - 2 pineapple sage, 1 lemon basil. At least one of those is for my mother's birthday present, to go with the AG tea kit (which only has 6 pods).  In pro100, planted 1 pod each thumbelina zinnia and convolvulus. Already had 3 mimulus pods, planted 9/18 (9 days older).

Aerogarden 3 - Herbs (Currently - Basil, Oregano & Dill - Originally Chives, Basil & Thyme)


On December 19th 2008, I planted Herbs (basil, thyme & chives)

The beginning of their journey is documented here http://www.jessijordan.com/aerogarden/beansherbs.html

The basil is ridiculous! It grows like a weeds and every other day I have to cut it. I have so many mini freezer bags full of basil it is almost scarey!

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