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Your "Subscriptions" notify you when content is added or updated in your areas of interest. You control your subscriptions on the My Account pages. Though powerful, this is a bit complicated...


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These are "lightboxes". Click them to open, and use arrow key / buttons to page through,  type X or click X to exit.

 2 peppers, smaller than a fingertip

To make a lightbox:

1. On the editor toolbar, click the Insert/Edit Image button. Don't worry about the Latin - it's just a preview of how text flows around your picture.

2. There are several tabs on the dialog that opens. On the first tab, you want to enter: a. The URL of your thumbnail image, and b. alternative text (a caption for your picture). If you do not have a thumbnail image, you can set width or height to 128 here - but it slows down the website. Use thumbnail images - Google Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket - they all provide thumbnails.

3. On the second tab, you enter a. the URL of a bigger image to pop up, and b. select lightbox / lightshow / lightvideo on the "Lightbox" list of choices. A lightbox lets the user page through the images. A lightshow auto-advances to the next picture. Only use lightvideo for small videos. (You still use the Insert/Edit Image button for a video - the image you're inserting is a thumbnail, and the "bigger image" 2nd tab URL is that of the video.)

4. Add blanks (use spacebar) between images for a nice margin. Etc. The spacing and centering in the thumbnails above is just a centered paragraph containing two thumbnails with a blank between them.

Site features

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Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Alright, I think this site may actually be coming together...

I got the last of the crucial features online yesterday:

  • forums look decent, work decent
  • subscriptions - email notifications when someone replies. Can also get RSS feeds.

(Peat, you probably need to edit your account settings if you want to get email notifications, because apparently you either told it not to, or I hadn't gotten the defaults set when you signed up.)

Other features on my list:

Grow Logs

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Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

Today's fun was trying out the Lightbox2 software, still on my quest to get decent photo growlog handling.

I really like how my newly reformatted peppers growlogs came out. Well, actually, I've only reformatted two so far:



But that's how I want them to act! Basically.

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