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Gisette edited this because the page misbehaved... Michael, feel free to remove this message and put anything you like here, but the strange textarea-that-took-up-whole-screen thing just wasn't working for us. Dunno how that got there...

Soil vs. Aerogarden, Growing Tomatoes and Peppers Indoors

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Since Hengis brought it up , I wanted to pull together some results of experiments on growing tomatoes and peppers, in self-watering containers and lights indoors, vs. in the Aerogarden. Commentary in next post - this is just the data collected to look at.

Ecopolis - City-Scale Aeroponics in Singapore

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Ecopolis is a series on the Discovery Channel (US) that my daughter and I have been watching. The setup is ways to reduce the environmental footprint of an 18-million person city of 2050. (Or an 18-million city today, one imagines, though the technologies aren't all mature yet...)

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