Indoor Aeroponic Tomatoes/Peppers

Just noticed my first little baby tomato flowers- they are so tiny I almost missed em! I am estimating my plants are no older than ~30 days. I know tomatoes develop a little quicker than peppers in general, but I seem to remember picking up some info along the lines of pruning the first flowers that arise in order to create a better harvest?

My first time...

Hello all! Oh I cannot tell you guys how happy I was to come acrossed this forum! This is the first forum I have ever joined so please excuse me if my forum etiquette isn't quite up to par. I am not sure where to place particular subjects, etc. Anyway, allow me to introduce myself- my name is Alyssa and I am in my mid twenties.

Fountain Based Aeroponic System


This is one of my many attempts to build an aeroponic system. I live in a flat so the system needs to be compact, quiet and easy to maintain. This one worked out a little more expensive as I bought some proper flowering lights and a dedicated grow tent. However the actual hydroponic parts were reasonably cheap.

Need help growing cucumbers and tomatoes in my Pro-200

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 Hi, I have 7 Aerogardens total.  4 Classic and 3 Pro-200.  (currently only using 2 of the Pro's).  I've been very successful growing lettuce, herbs and cherry tomatoes.  I am trying for the second time to grow the tomatoes (ruby heirloom) and pickle cucumbers (burpee picklers).  I am good about keeping it dark once the system shuts off.

DIY Lettuce Raft System

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Next , future project...

I'm feeling the urge to grow lettuce, more than the 7 pod system can supply.

The next conversion is for a 'raft' system, this comprises styrofoam (or similar) which floats on the surface of the water in a rubbermaid type container. In the foam you drill several holes and place net pots into them, probably 2". In the net pots go rockwool with lettuce seeds/herbs in, backfill with hydroton grow rocks for stability. Nutrients, as usual, will be the General Hydroponics Flora 3-part range.

Formerly half dead, whiskey bottle fed tomatoes taking over laundry room.

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Remember the junk tomatoes we got for $1 at the end of last season and ignored for a few months? Here's what they're doing now. They're still in the lousy hanging baskets on a former laundry rack about 2 ft. from the south facing window. We feed them a ~1- 3 ratio mix of water and bloom mix and here's how they're going.

Lettuce de Gisette glog

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12.7.08 - just planted a new lettuce garden from Gisette seeds she so graciously sent. I had Evergreen Seeds Korean red curl and Burpee toy choi growing in Rapid Rooter outriders since 11.19. I did some serious trimming of the RRs to fit them in an AG pod and hope I didn't do fatal damage to roots. They are looking better after just a few hours, though.

A 'Classic' Re-Design

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The ongoing project this time is to install an air pump and air stone into my Classic. Why? Because I want to move away from the water pumps which have proven so unreliable for me, having an aerated AG (similar system to the new AG6 line) will make things more reliable and save my sanity!


Gen Hydro nutrient mixes for the AG

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Here are summaries from my initial use of a BlueLab Truncheon showing the different dilutions.

I followed Peat's mixture for normal vegetative growth in three steps and let it set for 30 minutes or so between steps then measured the EC and PH. Here are my results, very close to what Peat said. I'd trust his measurements any day, just tweak them a bit for your particular crop, truncheon or not. I'm going to try this in my herb garden diluted about 10%, making a full gallon out of it.

seed collection

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I'm just copying over this list to keep for future reference - kind of a nuisance to compile. FWIW, I do have other seeds (and am currently growing them), that I just don't have in large enough quantity to share. Also have a bunch of oriental greens on order, but the company seems to be taking a long shipping break - I hope no one's hurt.


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