The Case for pH Down

I’ve been using AG nutrient for several months and have been measuring EC and pH.  What I’ve found is that is that if your EC is below 2.0, your pH is probably above 7.0.  This is shown in the attached graph, which is a composite of data from the Bounty Elite, Sprout LED, and Farm Plus.  The results should be relatively independent of the type of AG used since it is dependent on the water chemistry and not how much water is in the AG.  Peat’s Guide recommends pH values between 5.8 and 6.3 for AGs.  Based on these results I’ve started using pH Down to try to maintain a pH of 6.0.

The Education of an Indoor Gardener

I started with a Bounty Elite early in December 2017, to grow fresh herbs in my kitchen.  I live in a high rise condo with a northern exposure and there’s no other way to grow food.  I’ve expanded to a second Bounty Elite and 3 Sprout LEDs for more herbs and hot peppers.  The herbs are doing fine, the peppers are just getting started.

"Coffee Hydro"

We have two Bounties and a Sprout. Here's how we are extending our growing without adding more Aerogarden units. This also allows us to grow larger plants like rosemary and holy basil (tulsi) in the pictures. We do this in several way. The picture of two used coffee containers shows one way. We drill a hole in the lid so the pod fits. We also drilled a hole for a 1/4" air hose and add an air stone attached to an air pump. For now we sit them close to the Aerogarden unit. We have found that the lights can be used to extend the growing area around the Aerogarden.

My Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI

I purchased a new Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI for my wife for Christmas. We setup the Bounty and started it up. It came with the gourmet herb garden. We had 8 plants sprout and one Basel did not sprout. Aerogarden customer service is fantastic. I called Emelia and she sent us a new Basel seed pod. It's growing great. 


It has been a while. I have learned a lot about hydroponic tomatos in the passing days. The tomatos I grew in the aerogardens were bland, no taste. Only had one that had any flavor and I wasn't about to tie up an ag for another one. 

I bought an ebb and flow system and decided to try toms again. 

I started with a Prince Edward black tomato (it was a sample included in a seed shipment for various lettuces). I found out:

a) I was using nutrients at too high a level

b) not the best tack to use an indeterminate variety of tom 

Major Changes for the lettuce gardens

For the moment, I have only three systems in operation: an 'old' aerogarden from last year growing herbs, one ag that I am using as a seed starter: absolutely the best seed starter so far (mainly because I'm now using an ebb and flow system). The aerogarden allows a good long root system to develop. When they are moved to the ebb and flow buckets, the roots are already long enough to reach the flood line which is a few inches below the top of the bucket and under the clay pebbles (Hydroton).

All lettuce online

All three lettuce gardens are online: all are deep water culture, save maybe for the lettuce in the GH Rainforest. I have an AG one still going but it looks totally stunted. I did not get much out of it, the weather is getting warm, sticky, and I don't think they like it. I don't think the dwc plants will last long either. However, I am going to try and swap tubs out, start one as another ends. 

I am currently working on growing strawberries in an AG ecogrower, drip system. I am collecting materials, the plants should be here in a couple of weeks. 

Bad blogger

I think I am as unorganized, disorganized in keeping track of my plantings as I am in everything else. Of course, the result is that I have some lettuce plants that do not do as well in  hydroponic settings. However, they still taste good while they last. Keep in mind, typing this hurts... literally due to an old injury. However, I keep it up as I refuse to let it deter me. 

First try at AeroGarden!

Braelia's picture

Ok, first of all, I am a total noob at this AeroGarden "etiquette" but I'm not THAT much of a novice about plants. My mom got my AeroGarden at a garage sale for 5$! Probably the person who was selling it wasn't aware of the real price of this little miracle thing. Anyways, since it is early in the year, none of the market in my town have standard seeds like carrots, cucumbers, etc.

We'd like to introduce ourselves

Portable Garden Systems LLC's picture
Portable Garden Systems LLC is a small manufacturing company owned and operated by American Veterans. PGS produces stadium style tiered wooden planters in various sizes to accommodate space requirements. Our garden system can be used to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables almost anywhere. Our planters are manufactured by American Veterans, and our ultimate goal is to employ disabled veterans in every aspect of our operation. We trust our product will enrich both the lives of people who grow with our system as well as those who manufacture and bring our garden planter to you.


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