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New member here

laukie's picture


*Waves* Hello... While I am not a new Aerogarden owner, I am an Aerogarden owner newly in search of advice. surprise

I currently have running:

An AG 7 LED Extra with a Salsa garden: Heirloom cherry tomato, mini jalapeno, Red fire chili's and Purple superhots.

An AG 6 LED with a lettuce combo: Deer Tongue, Marvel of 4 Seasons, Parris Island, Red Sails, Rouge D'Hiver, Black seeded Simpson.

Firecracker Hybrid Tomatoes (2/21/2016)


I planted these Firecracker Hybrid Tomatoes on 2/21/2016. They jumped into life quickly. I had 4 sprouts in 5 days. They grew fast and large. These are classified as a grape tomato. However, all of the 20+ toms onthis pant are over an inch in diameter. I had to do some serious pruning, because this plant is supposed to be 3-feet in diameter. However, they are just ripening.

Been growing herbs 2 months, question about roots


Hi there,

I was just cleaning out my water reservoir and I noticed how tangled the roots are. I'm concered this might hinder growth. Especially since my dill doesn't look too good - it's leggy and flopped over and it seems the other root systems are pulling on it pretty hard.

Should I do some root detangling and cutting or just leave them alone?

-Aerogarden Ultra LED 7

-Dill, Basil, Thai Basil, Mint, Cilantro, Parsley

-Planted in March 2016

Ghost peppers with tomatoes?


Hi all, 


First time poster, just pondering seeds for my second aerogarden (bounty model) effort.  I'm finishing up with the herbs which went well but I didn't really use enough of them.  I'd like to do the ghost peppers, but the description suggested doing 2 seed pods for a 9 pod system.  Just curious  - does anyone have a sense of how it'd work if i grew one ghost pepper seed pod and some tomatoes (maybe 2 pods)?   

Thanks and look forward to learning more about all this stuff..    

"Fill to Here" device in Harvest Elite


I'm cleaning my (wonderful) Harvest Elite for the first time.  My Basil had roots and roots and roots.  They got into everything so I took out the pump, took it apart, got rid of the roots and put it back together with no trouble although I've found no directions.  Then I pulled off the tube labeled "Fill to Here" and found out that inside it was a gizmo with a wide end made of clear plastic and a narrow end with metal.  I've taken two photos - see attached.

Aerogarden Extra power supply


I have a new (hand-me-down) AeroGarden Extra.

Gave it to mom a few years ago for Christmas, but she's now downsizing the house, and I'm now getting more into growing things, so it made sense...

It has two plugs - one goes in the wall, the other needs a brick.
I have a lot of bricks from tech things, but none that fit.

It't got 3 CFLs as lights, not LED.

Is there a good place to get that brick without spending $30 for it?

A picture is attached, in case it helps...



Are the plastic grow baskets biodegradable


A neighbor of mine claims he transplants his seedlings (both blooming flowers and tomatoes) still in their

plastic grow baskets (without the labels) from the AG and into the soil, and that these plants nevertheless thrive.

Is this recommended? Are the plastic baskets biodegradable? Thanks


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