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Water pump for AG Ultra (connector problems)


The cord that goes from the water pump to the base is damaged, basically completely severed.  There is no replacement part with the correct connector available in the AG web store.  Would something like this work?  Is there a better option?

http://preview.tinyurl.com/yd3fdhku (link to Amazon product)


The part requires the type of connector that plugs into the power base.  Like this:

Outdoor Flowers 2017

Ginger's picture

I bought pansies this year, instead of growing them from seed... From seed, I need to start them at New Year's, and run growlights for a couple months for them alone. Just didn't bother this year.

Flowers I grew from seed: impatiens, gazanias.

I didn't get a picture of it, but apparently a volunteer hollyhock will bloom this year, too. Calibrachoa and snapdragons and columbine volunteer in the garden. I dug out some calis from the railing planters and put them in 6-packs to grow up in safety.

Outdoor Cucumbers and Beans 2017

Ginger's picture

Planted cukes and beans yesterday - way late. And still kinda chilly.

I ran out of seeds for my current favorite cuke, summer dance (only had 1 left). Ordered more of those... The bean seeds are pretty old, too.

Anyway, cukes: planted tsuyataro, one summer dance, and something called Green Dragon I'd never seen before (a 10", bitterfree, smooth green something.)

Four different kinds of bean seed, all dubious in age. Green and purple pole beans, two varieties of bush beans.

Indoor/Outdoor Tomatoes 2017

Ginger's picture


Started tomatoes indoors as usual, in potting mix. Started three early, three on time (actually, one of those three was late.)

This year's line-up is:

Early starts (transplanted out age 9 weeks):

bucks county - largish
Park's Whopper CR Improved - largish - first try at this
artisan tiger stripe - grape - mixed colors, so don't know whether I've got something new

In-season starts (transplanted out age 4-5 weeks):

Outdoor Peppers 2017

Ginger's picture

Started the indoor-outdoor peppers a bit late this year - February 18 / 28. (I forgot I didn't have any more carmen pepper seeds, so that got started later...)

Early starts: yummy, costa rican, and carmen (1.5 weeks less early)
Main season: adds lunchbox peppers

None of them are close to ripe yet. The early yummy pepper is closest, with exactly one fruit. ;) A couple of the carmen peppers are still waiting for a slot in the growbox, while the stonehead cabbages finish heading.



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