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AG Bounty Elite Setup W/ Extra Grow Lights


This is my Bounty Elite setup. The tomatoes and Dill are 42 days old. The Bell Pepper is 28 days old. This is the only way I was able to shine some of the light onto the plants. I hoping the way I did it, will be just as effective. Either way, I have no choice. I'm moving the Dill soon. I'm just waiting on the potting fiber soil.

Elite Harvest Lights Have Just Gone Out


I've had this unit for about a month less than a year (Thank goodness for the warrenty) and I set it up working again about 7 days ago.  This mornig at 4 AM I went to it to set the time by pushing the lights button.   As it is supposed to do - the other lights did blink but the LEDs did not light,  I have tried several times and nothing happens,  The pump does work, I can hear it.  The "control panel" front lights are on but I can't get the LEDs to work.

I am being sent a replacement, but until it gets here, I'd like to keep my flower sprouts growing.  Any suggestions?  

7-Pot Gigantic Chocolate Peppers [10/22/2016]


Also called Gigantic 7 Pot. As with other Trinidad varieties the abbreviation SR stands for a lady named Sara who shares many varieties from Trinidad with the world. In this case with her friend Christopher Phillips from Michigan. Chris always finds a way to locate the newest varieties and get them out to everyone. I must mention that without people like Chris and Sara we may have never heard about all these wonderful strains from Trinidad! This Gigantic 7 Pot SR Chile plant can produce pods so big that the actual pepper will fill up the palm of your hand.

Outdoor Flowers 2016

Ginger's picture

The pansies have had a rough time outdoors, but pansyfest is approaching anyway! laugh Got a decent crop of shady lady impatiens coming along indoors, too. Only one of my hollyhocks seems to be coming back from winter - oh, well. The purple violas I planted last year, and a few of last year's pansies, are doing well.



I've been growing parsley in my aerogarden will a seed pod from aerogarden. It has been growing well but I was surprised to see that there's 2 different types of parsley in the same pod.

I've enclosed a picture of the parsley can anyone tell me what the names of the 2 types are?

Is it common for a seed pod to contain more than one type of seed??

Does the flavor of the parsley change very much if is left to grow until it is needed?


Thanks John


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