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My Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI

I purchased a new Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI for my wife for Christmas. We setup the Bounty and started it up. It came with the gourmet herb garden. We had 8 plants sprout and one Basel did not sprout. Aerogarden customer service is fantastic. I called Emelia and she sent us a new Basel seed pod. It's growing great. 

I need some new basquets, domes and grow sponges


Hello everyone! I am in Sweden and I would love to purchase 14 basquets, 14 domes and at least 14 grow sponges. That's all I need for now :) They don't have to be brand new. I was looking at Ebay but to ship those stuff here would cost me around 100 dollars...I think that is WAY to much lol. So I was wondering if someone would like to make a deal with me? I would love to get goin with my 2 Aerogardens again as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!


 / NIcholas

Trinidad VV7 Scorpion Peppers [10/05/2016]


This pepper was given the Catalog number VV7 by Agriculture of Trinidad. Grant from Australia who has many friends in Trinidad is the source for these screaming hot peppers. The VV7 Scorpion Chiles have a very sweet taste but the heat level rivals a Moruga Scorpion. Some say they are related. The VV7 Scorpion Chile plants get about 3 feet tall and produce lots of peppers that ripen from green to dark red.

Wifi Enabled Aerogarden's

HardwareJunkie's picture


Anyone else recieve the email from AG?

Over the next few weeks, we're going to introduce some beautiful new AeroGardens that will be even easier to use and have even better LED lighting systems. You can expect to see some our best-selling gardens in exciting new colors and finishes...and some of them will be Wi-Fi enabled! Look for announcements regarding these products in the coming weeks.


New Bounty led wifi


Hello I am new to the hydroponic aerogarden group. I purchased a Bounty Led wifi with the nine pod gourmet herbs. I've had it set up for 16 days and have installed a airrator with two stones. One for each side. And The AeroVoir AeroGarden Reservoir and light shields. 

As soon as I installed the airrator the change was noticeable it appears the pants look better and are growing faster. 

Only one seed pod a genovese Basel has not sprouted.  Customer service is sending a new one. Thank you Emelia.  

So far so good. Will keep up to date on the form. 

New Aerogarden!

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Hi All,

Just got a spiffy new LED aerogarden!  I have a couple older models that have been slowly breaking down.  I can't complain - they're 8+ years old and still grow OK.  But man-o-man the new model is nice! Looks so much easier to clean and replace pump. I'm just admiring it right now.  I had to order pods and such to grow my own seeds.  I do like the light it puts out.  I really like the plant keeper better than the old stretchy design.  How do you guys like yours?




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