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Purple Leaf/Spot

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1st time planting -  I have started aprox 50 seeds mix veg/flower in my new aero bounty. Its been two weeks and just added 8ml nutrients and noticed that most of my plants have purple spots and the under leaf are purple. Is this normal?

Crazy roots


Look at the explosion of roots on this red bell pepper.
I moved the two on the left around, but the one on the right really grew some crazy roots I think.

First picture is from 3/10/2016, second one is today - 3/19/2016.



Newbie NH AeroGarden

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I've been gardening for over 20 years; organic square foot for the past 5 years; and just recently ventured into the whole new world of hydroponics. I have a PlantTower system with all the equipment to get started, but I felt overwhelmed and decided to purchase the AeroGarden bounty during Black Friday; which inculded a AeroGarden sprout and the seed starting kit. For me, thus far has been the best choice on learning to grow without soil.

Fraoch's grow log


I received an AeroGarden Harvest and a Salsa Garden seed kit as Christmas gifts.

I started the Salsa Garden and only now have I noticed that it is a 7-seed kit (2 tomatoes, 1 pepper and 4 spacers).  Oops.  Well one tomato pod is spaced properly, the other one has the pepper beside it.  Spacers are at the front and in between one tomato and the pepper.  Too late now, we'll see what they do anyway...

We have very hard water here, the hardest in the country, so I set myself up with two big jugs (the kind used in water coolers) of reverse osmosis water and a hand pump.



Have any of you tried adding fungi to your water to make better root systems?

I got some of this https://bio-organics.com/product/micronized-mycorrhizal-inoculant-beim/ for a new pear tree, and they said it is water soluable, so should also do okay in hydroponics/aeroponics setups. So I added to my aeroponics setup two days ago.

I have a reservoir feed tube in a 10 micron filter bag, so I'm not sure if any of the fungi actually gets to the roots.


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