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NewB question on lighting



Question 1

1st grow.  At this point I only have a little fungus. The net seems to say not to worry but there is some talk of keeping seeds in the dark until they germinate. Am I misunderstanding the suggestion? If so why does the AG put the lights on from the very first day? 

Question 2

If I started some herbs and then added some lettuce seeds a week later should I reset the display on my ultra or keep it on the original setting?  Do herbs and lettuce generally use the same food and feeding schedule? 



New, Clueless and ready to learn


Hi everyone.

My name is JD. My wife and I live in a little fast growing city located in the south part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

I'll try to keep my introduction short and relatively sweet. 

We are both self-admitted plant-lovers and plant-destroyers all in one. The main issue I think is that we aren't very knowledgable first so I admit that. 2ndly, that north Texas sun and heat. 3rdly we travel so often it get's a bit difficult to keep up with watering regularly or just keeping plants alive.

Calm Act Box Set

Ginger's picture


Now that there are three full-length books in my Calm Act series, there's a box set available, if you're interested! 40% off buying the books individually, and there's a very long free sample. smiley

This gizmo below allows you to preview the book. Or just click "buy" to see the Amazon page.

Ourdoor Greens 2016

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My first cabbage and lettuce transplants have been outside for 4 weeks now, aged 9 and 6 weeks, I think. Oh, how little we've grown...

There really was gorgeous early spring weather, after a ridiculously warm winter. Then we got a cold spell. Nothing died. But they sure haven't grown much either.

Hopefully now we're done with all that deep-freeze nonsense. (As of, like, 10:00 a.m. this morning.)

Aerogarden Ultra LED, Sweet Baby Girl Tomato

Ginger's picture


Replanted my LED Ultra a week ago, this time trying sweet baby girl tomato.

They just taste good. Yes, the fantastico yielded fantastically - but sweet baby girl taste so much better. The seeds came up fast.

Update: Added 2-week photo.

Then 3-week. Pruned above 5th branch at 3 weeks. It already had suckers growing, including from seed leaves - branchy tomato.


199, first 1/1/2016, aged 13 weeks, allowed to die through mid-June

Pimento Sweet Peppers (2/28/2016)


These are the only sweet peppers I have growing now. They are a sweet pepper used for stuffing olives. There is another variety that is more common called the Pimiento pepper, or Round of Hungary that looks like a small pumpkin. I love stuffing these with hot sausage, cream cheese and garlic.

Jamaican Hot Yellow "Mushroom" Pepper (2/20/2016)

This was the first of the gardens I planted on one of the three AG Bounties I've purchased this year. I've never had very good luck with peppers much hotter than a jalapeno. With 50% more power than the Ultra, I decided to take another chance on an extremely hot pepper. These are Jamaican Hot Yellow Peppers. They are nicknamed "Mushrooms". They are as hot as a Scotch Bonnet Habanero. When ripe, they will be bright yellow, and resemble the "Mushroom" when inverted.


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