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New to Aerogaren, I have THREE Units... need setup advice



I recieved 3 Aerogardens for Christmas. 3 pod "Sprout", 6 pod Elite LED, 9 pod Bounty Elite Wifi.

I have quite a few seed kits and need some advice on which unit to plant each seed kit in (I wanted to mix some). Here are my initial thoughts after doing some reading on the different kits:

I've heard Lavender is difficult to grow indoors, so I thought I would try 3 of the 7 Lavender pods in my "Sprout" unit, in case some or all do not grow, I still have  pods left.

Alternate pods and media


I have been using Jiffy pellets (regular ones and coir) for some time to grow. I use the 30mm size. I like using them because they can be easily transplanted to pots or to the garden. I got to thinking. If I could find a tiny mesh pot that would fit into the Aerogarden and accomodate my pellets it would be perfect. The pellets cost me about 5 to 7 cents each when I buy in bulk. 

Aerogarden Extra


I have started an Aerogarden Extra + grow bowl with strawberries a few days ago but have had trouble finding info re the correct light cyle to use as well as pump cycle. The growl bowl manual indicates using a 2min/4hr cycle but this period does not exist on the Extra model. The grow Bowl pump position is 2min/9999min which is very different. Does anyone know which setting should be used and how much light/day? Thanks

Aerogarden 7 pod unit not bubbling much; light issues


It's gotten to the point where the water is barely moving, and we all know stagnant water isn't great.  Air seems to bubble out of the bottom, but when I attach the tube with the rock filter on the end, nothing really happens.  Some bubbles come out of the rock filter, but not very many.


I also bought replacement lightbulbs from amazon, and they don't work correctly.  They don't respond to the on/off button, and they don't got off and on automatically by themselves.  They are just always on, all the time.  I have to unplug the unit to turn them off.


Strawberry growing media



I took off for the summer and grew outside and now I'm back again and thinking about starting strawberries. 

Rather then buy the whole kit from Aerogarden I would just like to get the grow bowl and plant later on. I read some people say they have had mixed results with the chunk media and before purchasing it I would like to know if there are any recommendations for something better to use like stone or clay pellets. Is there any downside to using that as a grow media?  Does anyone know how much media to use?


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