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Outdoor Tomatoes 2016

Ginger's picture


Still inside, of course, but the elder tomatoes are now 3 weeks old, and the younger ones just planted.

I'm trying tomato grafting for the first time!

Learning 1:  grafting rootstock grows faster than anything I want to graft to it! Should have planted scions 5 days before rootstock...

Outdoor Peppers 2016

Ginger's picture


The peppers are still indoors at this point, but getting big - about 13 weeks old now for the indoor/outdoor pair, a yummy and a carmen.

This is my first try growing yummy. They seem to need more light than carmen. It didn't hold onto any fruit until I got up to 3 23W CFLs for the two plants. But now happy.

The regular-season outdoor peppers are also 3 weeks old now (from seed).

Constantly changing led light update


Both cfl and led lights availability and prices are constantly changing.

Led lights in particular are well within reach and a very attractive consideration for both supplemental and primary lighting. Grow lights used to be a complicated and expensive way to go

Some quick research on YouTube leaave me to think white, 6500k, light and bulb more than 24w in led and 90w in cfl are required.

 I brought a 65w  6500k "corn" light is that equal to 300w for $20. There are many red/blue blubs too.

Does anyone have any feelings or comments about using these lights?

Tomato Growing Updates...


Good evening AGM! I hope everyones Labor day was filled with lots of BBQ. 

So I have changed the water since last we spoke. Changing the water is becoming difficult more difficult each time, with the long roots. How should I handle them? Are they very sensetive? Is is OK to use regular tap water? Is NYC known to be ok? Do I need to let the water sit out for a while before adding it to the tank, or can I pour it fresh out of the faucet? I would let it sit out, in an open water jug from Poland Spring, or something similar I'm currently using to collect change.

Outdoor Onions and Potatoes 2016

Ginger's picture


First outdoor harvest of the year was thinning my green onions. smiley

I started a bunch of white and yellow onions indoors and planted them out around March 25 (2-3 onions per cell in a 6-pack), walla walla (I've grown before) and yellow granex (haven't grown before). I'm not the granex will work this far north, but can't hurt to try.

Outdoor Eggplant 2016

Ginger's picture


I didn't bother growlogging this much, but I'm growing fairy tale and gretel eggplant this year. At this point, the first eggs are one inch and two inches long, respectively, and the plants are flowering like mad. Will probably start harvesting by next weekend.

79 - gretel, began 7/13, still going 10/1
58 - fairy tale (same dates)

terminated ~10/23


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