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AerogardenMastery used to be an Aerogarden user community, of enthusiasts for the Aerogarden and other indoor (and outdoor!) growing technologies. We grow food, herbs, flowers, and other ornamentals. Hydroponics, grow lights, Earthboxes and Growboxes - we like growing tech!

But hackers proved too much of a hassle. So now it's read-only. Sorry!

How hot/cold can the location be?


I'd like to build a small aerogarden farm in my garage. It's closed and I live in San Diego so it's not too extreme in the winter. The summer however can get a 115 degrees in the garage. I'm wondering if this is bad idea. I'd mostly like it for tomatoes in the winter but some summer use would be nice so they don't go to waiste.

Any ideas, concerns?

Indoor Aeroponic Tomatoes/Peppers

Just noticed my first little baby tomato flowers- they are so tiny I almost missed em! I am estimating my plants are no older than ~30 days. I know tomatoes develop a little quicker than peppers in general, but I seem to remember picking up some info along the lines of pruning the first flowers that arise in order to create a better harvest?

My first time...

Hello all! Oh I cannot tell you guys how happy I was to come acrossed this forum! This is the first forum I have ever joined so please excuse me if my forum etiquette isn't quite up to par. I am not sure where to place particular subjects, etc. Anyway, allow me to introduce myself- my name is Alyssa and I am in my mid twenties.


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