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AerogardenMastery used to be an Aerogarden user community, of enthusiasts for the Aerogarden and other indoor (and outdoor!) growing technologies. We grow food, herbs, flowers, and other ornamentals. Hydroponics, grow lights, Earthboxes and Growboxes - we like growing tech!

But hackers proved too much of a hassle. So now it's read-only. Sorry!

The AG Has Landed


Well Houston, the AG has landed. UPS left a box on my doorstep today and the 6 Classic is now up and running and we are awaiting little herb sprouts. I bet there's not a 58 year-old anywhere that feels more like a kid, than I do right now! 

(Sorry, just had to tell somebody!)

EC Meter


Hello everyone,

I need to purchase an EC meter and don't want to break the bank. I saw a post dated Jan, '09 and wondered if there are any new thoughts on which is the best for the buck. Thanks in advance.... HL

Preventing or eliminating leafminers?


This isn't an AeroGarden question but I figured there's plenty of experienced people here. My AGs are doing fine :)


Outside my Snow Peas and Lime tree leaves are being infested by leafminers. I'm looking for a safe way to protect my plants. I read that they come from moths. Someone advised that I spray deterigent water on the leaves every so often. Advice?

A pepper growbag

Ginger's picture


At a garden center yesterday (Shelley's, Branford, CT), I saw the coolest ultimate simple growbox. Apparently they'd taken some leftover habañero pepper 6-packs and just plugged them into 30-quart bags of potting mix, with 7 holes cut into the bag:


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