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Outdoor Peppers 2017

Ginger's picture

Started the indoor-outdoor peppers a bit late this year - February 18 / 28. (I forgot I didn't have any more carmen pepper seeds, so that got started later...)

Early starts: yummy, costa rican, and carmen (1.5 weeks less early)
Main season: adds lunchbox peppers

None of them are close to ripe yet. The early yummy pepper is closest, with exactly one fruit. ;) A couple of the carmen peppers are still waiting for a slot in the growbox, while the stonehead cabbages finish heading.


Outdoor Peas 2017

Ginger's picture


Started the peas (sprouted them indoors, then stuck them into the ground) on March 26, a couple weeks later than usual.  Brutally cold spring, with early January temperatures (teens) in March and April. But the peas are doing well.

This year, 4 varieties. Little Marvel (shell) to the left, super sugar snap and super snappy (edible pod, or shell) in the middle, and wando (shell) to the right. In the middle, super snappy is closer than sugar snap in the photo.

Help, my plants are dying...


I have the 9 hole bountiful harvest Areogrow garden, i have been planting tomato plants, but when they get to about a foot high, they are dying off, and i cannot figure out why, i am using reveres osmosis water, i was using tap water but our water is so high in calcium it clogs my pump, is it possible i am leaving the grow light on too long ? not allowing the pump to run longer ? or is it the water ? the feed ?..i have added miricle grow to the plants but it doesnt seem to affect it....PLEASE help


thank you



Lavender flower?



I have an Ultra cfl and i am trying to grow lavender. It took awhile but came up nicely but not standing tall. Also it never flowered. I have 2 thoughts on a possible so,lution.

1. Since there are other taller plants in the Aerogarden I can't put the lights close to the plants.

2. Since I am using cfl bulbs there is only "white" light not the red and blue spectrum lights which are needed for flowering.

Any of thoughts on this matter? Would adding an additional red/blue spectrum light solve my non-folwering lavender?


Underground Fence in the garden


I have root crops in my backyard and I am trying to protect it against my playful Shih Tzu. I have seen a great alternative online which is this underground dog fence but I am a bit in doubt since I am afraid that my sweet potatoes and turnips might be affected. My question is, is it safe to install the said device? Are there any other options that I can use? Thanks


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