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Aunt Molly's Ground Cherry in Growbox

Ginger's picture


Planted out my 6-week old aunt molly's ground cherry, sharing growbox with a gretel eggplant and soon-to-sprout zucchini. Really curious about this one! I expected it to look / act like a tomato. Instead, isn't it perfectly matched with its little eggplant buddy? It has its first buds already, looking forward to seeing the flowers.

Ace Bell pepper plants in the AG

Beth11's picture


Hi All,

Been really busy but just wanted to show you these pepper plants.  These were supposed to go in the new hydro unit but are still in the ag with 2 basil plants.  I am impressed.  These are full size peppers (Ace variety).  The plants are downright petite and loaded with flowers.  The basil plants are not happy but growing.  Using floramato nutes with well water (EC 1.8 and pH 6.0).  Changing nutes only once every two weeks.



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