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Old Florida Guy's Bucket List

After starting Ginger's book (Indoor Salad), I decided to make my Bucket List.

Or, more properly, My Tub List. You see, I found these Party Tubs at Wally World on clearence at two bucks each.

They are almost eighteen inches across and just over seven inches deep. They come in an assortment of colors and they hold a

Garden Update

Lots of tomatoes growing in the Farm Pluses, some starting to turn red.  I’m still battling aphids on the pepper plants.  I started using Neem Oil as an insecticide, I found out about it on the web.  It seems more effective than what I was using, and it’s organic.  No peppers growing yet.  Having a big salad every other day from the two lettuce gardens.  

Wally R

Plants not doing well


I wanted to switch the order of my plants in my garden (sprout) and in order to do that I trimmed the roots. Surprise - it was a mistake and now the roots are looking wilted and about to rot and the plants aren't doing so great (dill, basil and lavender). Should I replant them in soil and hope for the best? Is there something I can do to fix this? Also - the air stone is making a bit of noise now (the unit is a few months old).


Plant combo - 1st planing ?s


Plant combo   - where to start?

I’m trying to figure out what I should use for my 1st planting (Ultra LED 7pod). 


Here are the things that I want to plant at some point  - just not sure what combo(s) would work best or what would be good to start with:





flat-leaf parsley







leaf lettuce

hot peppers

sweet peppers

roma tomatoes

flowers for cuttting


Sloping Gardens

I’ve been using my Farm Plus gardens for a while now, and have noticed that plants on the left side of each garden seem to grow better than on the right side.  I already had a digital level, and I measured that the left side of the garden slopes down by an angle of about one degree.

Cleaning aerodarden after grow


I've been reading that a lot of pesople use vinager or chlorine bleach to clean out their aerodarden between growing cycles. Bleach and vinegar are very strong solutions that I'm sure will hurt the next grow but even aerodarden recommend.z it. Should I worry about how much I flush out the garden. Will one or two passes be enough to remove all of solution?     

Tomatoes and Drain & Refill

I’ve had 2 gardens in my 2 Farm Pluses growing tomato plants for about 5 weeks.  Based on Ginger’s advice I’ve started changing the water in them every week, beginning a week ago.  I check EC and pH every day, and you can see that the water chemistry is going bad after about a week in that the pH starts dropping.

Garden Progress

I attached some pictures of my Farm Plus and Sprout LED gardens.  On the lower Farm Plus the lettuce garden on the left has bounced back from my pump problem, and the tomato/pepper garden on the right is producing its first tomato flowers, 25 days after planting. The upper Farm Plus is about a week behind the lower one.  I’ve been harvesting lettuce on the right, and the tomato plants on the left are growing nicely.  Between the two lettuce gardens I’m getting more than enough lettuce for a large salad for lunch every day.


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