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A Fan for the Farm Plus

I’ve been measuring the air temperature under the LED lights on my Farm Plus.  What I found is that the temperature goes up to 86 to 88 F during the day with the lights on, going down to the mid 70s at night with the lights off.  The plants are in the early vegetative stage and the lights are in their lowest position, about 6 inches above the deck.  From what I’ve read, a temperature of 77 F is more appropriate, and 88 F is way too high.  

Dried out salads' leaves (Aerogarden Harvest)


Hello evreybody this is my very first post here as i have just started my new adventure with Aerogarden Harvest.

It's been exactly 8 days since i have started the garden but i am starting to see things which i think are not a good sign. In particular i can clearly see the salads' leaves to be dry or kind of burnt (i think i might have to lower the lights?) or eaten by insects in the worst case scenario. Are you guys able to form any advice given the pictures below? Thank you very much!

The Case for pH Down

I’ve been using AG nutrient for several months and have been measuring EC and pH.  What I’ve found is that is that if your EC is below 2.0, your pH is probably above 7.0.  This is shown in the attached graph, which is a composite of data from the Bounty Elite, Sprout LED, and Farm Plus.  The results should be relatively independent of the type of AG used since it is dependent on the water chemistry and not how much water is in the AG.  Peat’s Guide recommends pH values between 5.8 and 6.3 for AGs.  Based on these results I’ve started using pH Down to try to maintain a pH of 6.0.

Question about Roots



I started my Herb kit @ 24 days ago and my herbs are thriving, especially the 2 basils. I have noticed their roots are so long and full already and imagine they "could" take over the entire reservoir. A friend of mine who has the same issue asked if I thought the roots could be trimmed so they don't "strangle" the other less invasive herb roots. Is this something that anyone has done, or it would be detrimental to the basil plants?

Thanks for any advice.


The Education of an Indoor Gardener

I started with a Bounty Elite early in December 2017, to grow fresh herbs in my kitchen.  I live in a high rise condo with a northern exposure and there’s no other way to grow food.  I’ve expanded to a second Bounty Elite and 3 Sprout LEDs for more herbs and hot peppers.  The herbs are doing fine, the peppers are just getting started.

New Here


Hey all, I am a Texas Native who enjoys all things gardening and cooking! I am getting into using an aerogarden to provide my husband and I with organic, natural and homegrown herbs and foods. For now I am focusing on leafy greens and herbs. I am currently waiting on an order of salad green seeds! Utililizing my aerogarden harvest touch (not in use yet) will be perfect as we are living in an apartment at the moment and management here is pretty strict as to what we can have on the patio.

New Member - 2 Months and Growing


I’m a retired engineer living in a high rise.  I like to cook and bought my first Bounty Elite about 2 months ago to grow a supply of fresh herbs.  I have a northern exposure and not enough sunlight to grow things without a grow lamp.  About a month later, after things were going well, I bought another Bounty Elite with more, different herbs.  I’ve found the herb production rate in excess of my needs and will probably replant the second unit in salad greens when that day comes.


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