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But hackers proved too much of a hassle. So now it's read-only. Sorry!

Dbluedeem's Grow Logs


I have never been a gardener, but a few years ago (4_5 ) I grew a good size outside garden with a variety (tomatoes, herbs, watermelon, peppers, and canalope, etc.) and i had great success with it.  However now i cannot get outside like i could so i received the Aerogarden for a christmas gift.  My first plants herbs.....can't wait til they appear...I really look forward to salad greens and tomatoes.  

Clock reset


I had to reset my clock, and I lost all the data.  The aerogarden ultra started all data over, I was 2 days in now it appears to be new in quick set. Quick set is the only way I found to restart the data.  What am I doing wrong?

I read back through the info enclosed to be sure I didn't miss anything and I did not.  Conclusion if you reset your clock ALL your data automatically starts over, so don't do it, let the clock run behind if you make a mistake like I did and set the initial time 2 hours off.  The clock is better off behind then losing the data.

Other neutriants besides aerodarden neutriants


I read success stories about people who use other neutriants besides the general one that aerodarden recommends especially neutriants that are specifically targeted to what you are growing. 

The problem I have is that all of the neutriants com in such large sizes compared to the amount that you need to use. What does anyone do to make or buy such a small amount? I am specifically thinking of using the "Maxigrow" formula but this question applies to all other types of products too? 





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