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New Member and First Questions


Hi, new member about three weeks into my first Aerogarden Bounty with 7 herb pods and 2 lettuces. Everyone is doing pretty well so far it seems. Pruned the basils and dill the first time this morning.

My first question - My italian parsley did not sprout - what is the best way to re-plant? It seems like the plastic grow basket and domes can be re-used with a new sponge insert and seeds from a local dealer? Is the label with slits necessary for anything and is it reusable? It seems like it inhibits the plants from spreading much at the base.

week long vacation --- what to do


I am going away for a week.  I have a Harvest that has herbs growing great!  Needs water every three days... Is there a vacation setting for the light so that it does not run 17 hours a day ?  I will trim the herbs back quite a bit.  Is there anything else I need to do ?



Cilantro kind of... stuck


Hey guys,

Have had my aerogarden 7 going for six weeks now. Good growth for most of the included herbs, but my cilantro has a bunch stuck - best way I can describe it - and not growing up at all. Check out the picture attached.

Recommendations? Not sure what to do!


"Coffee Hydro"

We have two Bounties and a Sprout. Here's how we are extending our growing without adding more Aerogarden units. This also allows us to grow larger plants like rosemary and holy basil (tulsi) in the pictures. We do this in several way. The picture of two used coffee containers shows one way. We drill a hole in the lid so the pod fits. We also drilled a hole for a 1/4" air hose and add an air stone attached to an air pump. For now we sit them close to the Aerogarden unit. We have found that the lights can be used to extend the growing area around the Aerogarden.

Cascading Petunias not growing


Only two of the seed pods germinated after 25 days.  The two that did look very healthy so long as I keep the covers on them.  Within two hours of removing them they look almost dead.   Aerogarden has sent me a replacement seed kit for my Bounty.  But I do not want to repeat my same experience. So, here are my questions?

FYI: I just replaced the water and added new fertilizer.  I have well water that I put through reverse osmosis filters that I use.  Water is basically the same as store bought water.

My Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI

I purchased a new Aerogarden Bounty LED WIFI for my wife for Christmas. We setup the Bounty and started it up. It came with the gourmet herb garden. We had 8 plants sprout and one Basel did not sprout. Aerogarden customer service is fantastic. I called Emelia and she sent us a new Basel seed pod. It's growing great. 

I need some new basquets, domes and grow sponges


Hello everyone! I am in Sweden and I would love to purchase 14 basquets, 14 domes and at least 14 grow sponges. That's all I need for now :) They don't have to be brand new. I was looking at Ebay but to ship those stuff here would cost me around 100 dollars...I think that is WAY to much lol. So I was wondering if someone would like to make a deal with me? I would love to get goin with my 2 Aerogardens again as soon as possible.

Thank you very much!


 / NIcholas


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