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Stunted growth


My lettuce grew rapidly for the first 6 days (2/16) and now we are on 2/21 and no new growth.  I don't understand is that normal for lettuce? I won't worry but it grew so fast and so well in the beginning. Does anyone know is this normal? 

Vacant pods


I have two areas on my aerogarden that did not sprout.  I am hoping I can put lettuce in one and tomatoes in the other but I am afraid they won't sprout with the light extended up in the first extension.  My mint and thyme although much smaller than the basil is doing well.  I have pruned the basil multiple times, it grows back fast.  Faster than I can eat.  My question is do you think the lettuce and tomatoes will take growing beside my herbs?

Unknown growth


There is a growth on the front of my aerogarden.  I tried removing it unsuccessfully. It almost looks like a crusty hard substance.  Seen this before?  Any suggestions ....is this a future problem?

Thanks for your help.



Nutrient help


I have a 6 pod Harvest Elite that I only grew 4 basil plants in. I have spacers covering the 2 empty holes.  They started out great, then after a month or so, some leaves had yellow areas, and new growth was coming in shriveled.  I read that water and/or nutrients might be the problem.


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