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Site changes

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Hi, hi,

Sorry if you've gotten a bunch of bogus subscription emails - but I'm done now. Needed to make some changes:

1. New site theme.

This is a responsive theme, so shrinks to cell phone size. Original request was to enable Tapatalk. I tried. No can do. But - at least you can access the site properly from a cell phone now.

2. First/last comment.

Aerogarden Ultra LED - First Grow Tomatoes and Greens

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Yay! Got my new AG Ultra LED and plugged it in tonight.

First planting: test run.

  • fantastico tomato for the long haul

Temporary test plants:

  • toy choi
  • komatsuna
  • Nevada summercrisp lettuce
  • Red Sails looseleaf lettuce

Started in 0.7 EC Urban Farm Fertilizers (UFF) veg formula in rainwater. Because that's what I fed my other AG's today. No special plan.

Welcome and Sorry for the Delay

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Welcome to a group of new members who requested accounts in the past couple weeks.

Sorry it took so long for me to approve the requests! My spam filters seem to have eaten them. If you asked to join and didn't get approved (and are not a troll) try the contact button, or try signing up again...

Outdoors 2015

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...Because we start outdoor plants indoors. wink The pansies are coming along well, now 6 weeks old. Last weekend started a 6-pack of white onions. Today started 7 cabbages - 2 Early Wakefield pointy cabbages, 1 "small Chinese", and 4 Kaboko Chinese cabbages. Those were excellent last year. And yup, they say to start 6-8 weeks before planting out!

It's nice to remember the snow is temporary...

Frozen Chosen


Hi all.  I live in northern Minnesota and bought an Aerogarden Ultra LED out of desperation last week.  This is my 22nd winter here.  Need to grow something...So instead of using the enclosed herb pack I planted lettuce and arugula. That was Wednesday. This is Sunday. The arugula is going nuts and all of the lettuce has sprouted. 

New to forum and tip about the CropLampSurround


Hi, everyone. I lucked into finding Ginger's Indoor Salad book on Amazon when I got my first Aerogardens, and when I tried to order one of her Crop Lamp Surrounds from indoorsalad.com, she let me know that she wasn't building them at that time. As I explained to her, I am kind of klutzy when it comes to building anything (actually, more like timid and scared) no matter how good the directions are, so I was delighted to discover I had a solution sitting in the back of my closet.

Indoor Salad, B&W Edition

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Oh, hey,there's now a black&white edition of the Indoor Salad softcover. Basically, the inside pictures are in black & white, which allows me to sell the book for less, to much wider distribution. Granted, plants and especially tomatoes look better in color. But cheaper is good.

I also tidied up the interior of both softcover editions. Page numbering and such.



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