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Aerogarden Ultra LED - First Grow Tomatoes and Greens

Yay! Got my new AG Ultra LED and plugged it in tonight.

First planting: test run.

  • fantastico tomato for the long haul

Temporary test plants:

  • toy choi
  • komatsuna
  • Nevada summercrisp lettuce
  • Red Sails looseleaf lettuce

Started in 0.7 EC Urban Farm Fertilizers (UFF) veg formula in rainwater. Because that's what I fed my other AG's today. No special plan.

Indoor Salad, B&W Edition

Oh, hey,there's now a black&white edition of the Indoor Salad softcover. Basically, the inside pictures are in black & white, which allows me to sell the book for less, to much wider distribution. Granted, plants and especially tomatoes look better in color. But cheaper is good.

I also tidied up the interior of both softcover editions. Page numbering and such.


Winter Cuke 2015

I couldn't bear to watch Beth grow a cucumber and not grow one myself. laugh Now 2 weeks old. Not sure if this is Socrates or Korean Grace White. I planted 2 of each seed (my last of each) on each side, then forgot which side was which. There will be one, and I don't mind which.

2015 Indoor/Outdoor Peppers

This week, harvested my first ripe orange lunchbox pepper! yesYumm... Harvested a green one, too, and made pepper cheese steaks last night. They were good!

Outdoors 2015

...Because we start outdoor plants indoors. wink The pansies are coming along well, now 6 weeks old. Last weekend started a 6-pack of white onions. Today started 7 cabbages - 2 Early Wakefield pointy cabbages, 1 "small Chinese", and 4 Kaboko Chinese cabbages. Those were excellent last year. And yup, they say to start 6-8 weeks before planting out!

It's nice to remember the snow is temporary...

Welcome and Sorry for the Delay

Welcome to a group of new members who requested accounts in the past couple weeks.

Sorry it took so long for me to approve the requests! My spam filters seem to have eaten them. If you asked to join and didn't get approved (and are not a troll) try the contact button, or try signing up again...

Red heirloom tomatoes - Bumps on trunk & yellow leaves forming


I have three Red Heirloom Tomato plants in AG Ultra LED that have been growing for 46 days. They seem probably ok so far, but my first and only attempt at growing tomatoes before (the Mega Cherry Tomato kit) in the same garden didn't go well, as the plants ended up developing yellow leaves that would brown and fall off faster than new healthy green growth would come in. We got maybe a couple dozen tomatoes off the thing before we gave up.

2014 Indoor/Outdoor Pepper

It's a bit small for age 3 weeks, but it's growing. Transplanted this year's indoor/outdoor carmen pepper from Aerogarden nursery into potting mix yesterday. Mixed in a sprinkling of pepper fertilizer and lime.

AGs WebSite

I go online daily and one stop is always the AG site. To see any new NEWS or added content. I've come to the conclusion that there Web Master has been asleep at the computer. As far as the Items for sale it's lacking quite a bit. There print Catalog they send with orders has I quess three to four times the items for sale. The website has a link that states "Shop the complete store" what a joke that is. Here we are half way thru January and the website is still what it was two months ago. Still at Holiday20..I for one would rather buy online then fill out order forms and mail them.

First try at AeroGarden!

Ok, first of all, I am a total noob at this AeroGarden "etiquette" but I'm not THAT much of a novice about plants. My mom got my AeroGarden at a garage sale for 5$! Probably the person who was selling it wasn't aware of the real price of this little miracle thing. Anyways, since it is early in the year, none of the market in my town have standard seeds like carrots, cucumbers, etc.


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