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2014 Fall/Winter indoor grow log

Bookmark for this year's indoor grow log.




Fractal Broccoli and Cabbages 2014

No, they aren't transplanted outside yet - too much wind, and still below-freezing temperatures in the short-term forecast. And it snowed this week. But - they live outside during the daytime, and they're getting kinda big.

Outdoor Cukes 2014

Planted 5 cuke varieties a couple weeks ago - none look happy. I also wrote down here on the website what I planted where, and lost that in the website fixing. So I'm not sure what is marginally surviving. The only 2 baby cukes that didn't get their leaves nibbled off underground, have pinhole damage to the seed leaves.

Outdoor Tomatoes 2014

My summer transplant crops are 2-3 weeks old now (2 week tomatoes and 3 week peppers and eggplant). Coming along...

2014 Indoor/Outdoor Pepper

It's a bit small for age 3 weeks, but it's growing. Transplanted this year's indoor/outdoor carmen pepper from Aerogarden nursery into potting mix yesterday. Mixed in a sprinkling of pepper fertilizer and lime.

Outdoor Eggplant, Zucchini, Misc. 2014

I'll just use this topic as a grab-bag for one-off plants. First eggplant harvest this weekend.


43 - gretel eggplant (first 7/19)

10 - zucchini (first 8/4 - planted after peas done)

pole beans, first purple 8/10, first green around 8/30 (only two plants survived in front of the A/C)

Outdoor Flowers 2014

What a rotten year for pansies. It being so cold, I thought it would be a good year... Anyway, looks like this week is as close to pansy fest as it's gonna get! Some of my fave blooms at the moment:

Onions 2014

I've never grown onions before, intentionally - scallions grow wild around here. And the wild scallions say the weather's lovely out! The crocuses are about the only thing that shares their opinion. But! Transplanted out my white onions today, with a test pansy.

New Vegetable Eaters

We had a Blessed Event this weekend! Our new guinea pig Trousers came pre-pollinated. She had 5 baby piglets about 3am Saturday - a normal pig litter is 2 or 3. Mom and babies are doing well!

It's amazing how advanced baby guinea pigs are at birth. These are newborns, only about 10 hours old and barely dry behind the ears.

They all live in my bedroom. Where they oink a lot.


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