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Romaine has brown dried tips

My romaine is growing great in my farm plus but has brown tips. Does anyone know why? I've tried raising the lights a bit thinking the lights were drying them out but that has not helped. The romaine tastes great, however, and I'm getting a nice size salad every other day. 
Thanks for any input!

Totem tomato success

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Several months ago, I started seeds of two tomato varieties in my Classic Aerogarden (which has an extension arm so that raises the hood to 24”). The two varieties were Bush and Totem.  The Bush plant rapidly outgrew the Aerogarden and has not produced a single tomato.  The Totem plant, on the other hand, grew to a little over 24” (a little judicious pruning was required) and has produced several ripe tomatoes that have a diameter of 2-3 inches and have a very good tomato taste.

Failing again

I'm at my wit's end. I started a whole new AeroGarden Harvest with different types of basil. I have a Lemon basil plant, a few Napolitano basils, and 1 Marseille basil. Once again they all started out great. I cut them after the third set of leaves per the Aerogarden help info.  As they grow back, many of the leaves are yellow anda curling.

Kale growth


Does anyone  have experience with kale?  I have been try to grow for two months and can't seem to get it large enough to eat.  It acts as though it has stopped growing.  I look at my lettuce same amount t of time or less and I am eating salads out of it.  I appreciate your feedback




My tomatoe plants were doing great about a week ago and now they are starting to look poorly.  Any suggestions, I given them fresh water and regular feeding don't know what else to do.  


Thank you for your help.


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