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Custom AG Herb Garden [10/27/2015]

I started a custom AG Herb Garden today. Chamomile, Dill, Oregano, Sage, Shungiku, Thyme and Lemon Balm. Unfortunately, AG sent me Lemon Basil instead of Lemon Balm. (That is the SECOND time they did that!, they did the same thing on an order last year.) I like the Chamomile, Shungiko, and Lemon Balm for my personal sleepy tea. I mix it with Rooibos.  MMMmmmm...

PPM for lettuces? PPM for brassicas?


Several years ago, I used my own seeds with an EC meter.
Now I'm starting again, but my meter is PPM.
Can you please tell me:
  1. The recommended PPM for lettuces?
  2. The recommended PPM for brassicas?
(The PPM for herbs is the same as for brassicas, isn't it?)

Thanks for helping me with my re-entry to AG!

Ají Dulce and Culantro

lizmariposa's picture


10/04/2015 -- So I haven't been here for a while... and I thought I'd share with you some updates on my plants. So this is the state of my plants, right now, as of Fall 2015. The ají dulce plant is now 1. I couldn't keep 3 very well, and the middle (tallest) plant, dropped some leaves, and did things to try to survive, so I took out the other two, and well, it's now huge. It's like this mini tree. It doesn't have many peppers at this time, as we took them out, and made tacos with them.

Autumn Cuke 2015

Ginger's picture


During the monsoons last weekend, I planted some new indoor crops.

For this season, I planted Socrates and Iznik cukes. (Will thin to one of each.) Beth tried Iznik outdoors this year, where it failed to impress. But then, I took last winter's Socrates outside in July, and it failed to impress, too. The seedless cuke is downright horrible if it gets pollinated. So, we'll see. smiley

Aerogarden Ultra LED, Sweet Baby Girl Tomato

Ginger's picture


Replanted my LED Ultra a week ago, this time trying sweet baby girl tomato.

They just taste good. Yes, the fantastico yielded fantastically - but sweet baby girl taste so much better. The seeds came up fast.

Update: Added 2-week photo.

Then 3-week. Pruned above 5th branch at 3 weeks. It already had suckers growing, including from seed leaves - branchy tomato.


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