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AG Bounty Elite Setup W/ Extra Grow Lights


This is my Bounty Elite setup. The tomatoes and Dill are 42 days old. The Bell Pepper is 28 days old. This is the only way I was able to shine some of the light onto the plants. I hoping the way I did it, will be just as effective. Either way, I have no choice. I'm moving the Dill soon. I'm just waiting on the potting fiber soil.

Is NYC tap water OK? - Tomato Growing Updates...


Good evening AGM! I hope everyones Labor day was filled with lots of BBQ. 

So I have changed the water since last we spoke. Changing the water is becoming difficult more difficult each time, with the long roots. How should I handle them? Are they very sensetive? Is is OK to use regular tap water? Is NYC known to be ok? Do I need to let the water sit out for a while before adding it to the tank, or can I pour it fresh out of the faucet? I would let it sit out, in an open water jug from Poland Spring, or something similar I'm currently using to collect change.

Nutrients NPK numbers



New user again, quickly gaining knowledge. 

Hydroponic growers on YouTube often use nutrients with high NPK numbers, often in the high teens and 20's.

The nutrients with my AG pods came with Miracle-Gro nutrients with NPK numbers around 5 

Why? What's the difference? Youtube growers show quicker and faster growth.

Please don't just say "AG nutrients are formulated for AG" without details or reasons (I know it sounds picky but I really would like to learn) 


Ghost Peppers (2/28/2016)


I planted this Ghost Pepper Kit from AG on 2/28/2016. It didn't perform very well. What I've learned since, is that these are serious slow growers. 140-172 days from seed to ripe fruit in soil. One pod never germinated. The other was at 2" for so long I moved it to another garden, because I didn't want to give up on it yet, and I wanted to free a garden. 2 weeks later it started to grow. It is now 71 days and I have an open bloom,, and many buds waiting to produce.

Looking for 'best' tasting tomato seeds


Greetings AGM!

Obviously I realize taste is subective, however, being a newbie, this information will give me a starting point and help me decide which seeds are worth trying.

I am looking for alternate seed sources, where I can purchase my seeds at a decent price. Specifically, seeds which will work in my AG Bounty Elite, where there is a height limitation of 24". Buying seeds for $17.95 adds up very fast. 

Also, I would love to hear peoples opinions reguarding which tomato seeds they think are the sweetest and 'best' tasting, per their opinion. 

Hello There! AG Bounty Elite Newbie :-)


I bought our AeroGarden Bounty Elite as a gift for my mother to be a co-project for both of us. The last time my mother tried to grow any tomatoes was about 30 years ago. She loved gardening, but ever since we moved to NYC, we have never had a garden at any home we've lived at. Space in NYC is a luxury.  

Transplanting outside with a foot of roots


I started some Armenian Cucumbers in a seed starter kit in the AG.

The roots are about a foot long or more - http://www.gthomson.us/projects/landscaping/armenian-cucumbers-1.jpg

7 out of 8 started really well, so I want to start moving them outside.
With such long roots, what's the best way to move outside?

For the first two, I dug only a 6" hole, and spiriled the bottom end of the roots.


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