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Aerogarden Ultra LED - First Grow Tomatoes and Greens

Yay! Got my new AG Ultra LED and plugged it in tonight.

First planting: test run.

  • fantastico tomato for the long haul

Temporary test plants:

  • toy choi
  • komatsuna
  • Nevada summercrisp lettuce
  • Red Sails looseleaf lettuce

Started in 0.7 EC Urban Farm Fertilizers (UFF) veg formula in rainwater. Because that's what I fed my other AG's today. No special plan.

2014 Indoor/Outdoor Pepper

It's a bit small for age 3 weeks, but it's growing. Transplanted this year's indoor/outdoor carmen pepper from Aerogarden nursery into potting mix yesterday. Mixed in a sprinkling of pepper fertilizer and lime.

2014 Aerogarden Greens and Flowers

The minis continue here from the 2013 topic, but the toy choi/green onions are 1 week old now - time for a 2014 topic.

Site performance lately

Hi gang,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm aware that the site's been up and down for a few days. My hosting service and I have changed a few things, that may help. But essentially the problem is a hacker attack, of the "denial of service" type. That means some hackers in China and the Ukraine are just flooding the server with bogus traffic to pull it down.

Jalapeno peppers, How much bare trunk is ok


Wow. :( This page got really messed up while I was trying to fix... something...
I'm sorry, punchme!

Red heirloom tomatoes - Bumps on trunk & yellow leaves forming


I have three Red Heirloom Tomato plants in AG Ultra LED that have been growing for 46 days. They seem probably ok so far, but my first and only attempt at growing tomatoes before (the Mega Cherry Tomato kit) in the same garden didn't go well, as the plants ended up developing yellow leaves that would brown and fall off faster than new healthy green growth would come in. We got maybe a couple dozen tomatoes off the thing before we gave up.

Unusual things in aerogarden


What is the most unusual thing that you succeeded to grow in a Aerogarden? (looking for ideas here!)

MetalHeadz Grow Logs

A chilli peper seed kit with an Herb Kit.

These kits were started 4/10/2014 and im nearly ready to harvest peppers!

Im waiting for them to turn red and bigger


UPDATE : 3 December 2014

Red fire are becoming red, purle red hot is really starting now after adding more light! Mini-jallapenos are almost ready, will wait to get them when they will be a bit bigger! Satisfied with the results ;)

Question about red fire peppers


Hi everyone!

These have been started back 4 october 2014, many of them seems to get bigger but I dont see any red part on any peppers...

I thought that they needed more light so 3 weeks ago I've added another 1600 lumens CFL (desktop lamp) which runs all day long providing more light to the plant. I add one tablet of nutrient each 2 week as the documentation suggest and I've modded my aerogarden with an aquarium pump and custom airstone. I do a flush and refill once a month.

2014 Fall/Winter indoor grow log

AG Fall 2014 grow will be:

Basil (Mostruoso). Large leaf Italian. Winter staple in this house.

Ace Bell pepper. Medium size peppers on a nice compact plant.

Mustard greens for quick gratification.

Cucumbers to be started TBD in soil....






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