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I love my aerogardens

Beth11's picture


I do! Mine have been through 8 long growing seasons. They have performed well. I checked them out tonight. One bad pump, need new bulbs and the electronic cycles don't quite work, but just the sound of the water circulating and basking in the glow of the lights on this rainy, dark fall evening made me so happy. So much to look forward to! Anyone else feel that way?? Beth

Outdoor Peas 2015

Ginger's picture


Hey wow! Pea seeds don't last long! frown With my usual sprout 'em indoors pea trick, I wasn't getting enough germination to fill my pea fences. Rather than wait for seeds to arrive ordered online (because I was already planting late), I bought a bunch of seeds from Walmart and Home Depot, and now have eight varieties of peas planted.

Outdoor Potatoes and Onions 2015

Ginger's picture


I kinda liked the onions last year, especially because the pansy planted in the onion pot looked great all summer. Maybe that's the onion. Maybe it's the potassium-heavy root-vegetable fertilizer. Let's do it again!

The 2 month onion starts I grew from seed look utterly pathetic. So I also picked up some onion bulbs at a big box store, some of them already sprouted and looking 10x tougher than my seedlings. Planted both. The green onions from last year are waking up and resuming life in their saddle planters.

Outdoor Eggplant 2015

Ginger's picture


Eggplant transplanted out yesterday, into an enormous new pot. I think that thing's bigger than half a growbox... So I hope for a lot of eggplant this year.

I'm a big fan of Gretel white eggplant, but never tried its twin, Hansel, until now.

Sifted some organic tomato food and a bit of powdered limestone in the potting mix.

Edit: just adding pictures to this post for now.


65 - first 7/5


Outdoor Peppers 2015

Ginger's picture


Transplanted out most of the peppers. The remaining two are living outside in their starter pots. I want to give the cabbages at least another week, and those are the smallest of the transplants - they can wait.

The main season line-up is:

upstairs growbox: (eventually) 3 carmen, 1 banana, and 1 lunchbox pepper (1 carmen, 1 lunchbox waitlisted)
in-ground garden: cute stuff gold, a mini bell (first try)
driveway pot: another lunchbox pepper

Outdoor Cucumbers 2015

Ginger's picture


Soaked and planted cucumber seeds on Thursday, because the weather's been so hot. Worth a try... Tried building bigger mounds this year for the "cucumber hills". Nobody's germinated yet.

Planted 6 varieties, really doubting the seeds for 3 of them - they're old. Though I'd be delighted with all of them. I'd be especially delighted if my 7-year-old pearl white cukes germinated. Those aren't for sale anymore, and they're really good.


Outdoor Tomatoes 2015

Ginger's picture


Wasn't sure until today that I was going to complete transplanting this week, but it is done. All 6 tomatoes are out.

I grew all these from seed, baby pictures on this topic. The two beefsteak transplants are 6 weeks old today, the rest 4 weeks old and look stunted for their age. Lineup:

driveway growbox: bucks county and early girl, both returning favorites

balcony growbox: returning heavy-yielder juliet, and new tiger stripe mix grape tomato


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