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New, Clueless and ready to learn


Hi everyone.

My name is JD. My wife and I live in a little fast growing city located in the south part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

I'll try to keep my introduction short and relatively sweet. 

We are both self-admitted plant-lovers and plant-destroyers all in one. The main issue I think is that we aren't very knowledgable first so I admit that. 2ndly, that north Texas sun and heat. 3rdly we travel so often it get's a bit difficult to keep up with watering regularly or just keeping plants alive.

Ghost Peppers (2/28/2016)


I planted this Ghost Pepper Kit from AG on 2/28/2016. It didn't perform very well. What I've learned since, is that these are serious slow growers. 140-172 days from seed to ripe fruit in soil. One pod never germinated. The other was at 2" for so long I moved it to another garden, because I didn't want to give up on it yet, and I wanted to free a garden. 2 weeks later it started to grow. It is now 71 days and I have an open bloom,, and many buds waiting to produce.

Calm Act Box Set

Ginger's picture


Now that there are three full-length books in my Calm Act series, there's a box set available, if you're interested! 40% off buying the books individually, and there's a very long free sample. smiley

This gizmo below allows you to preview the book. Or just click "buy" to see the Amazon page.

Outdoor Onions and Potatoes 2016

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First outdoor harvest of the year was thinning my green onions. smiley

I started a bunch of white and yellow onions indoors and planted them out around March 25 (2-3 onions per cell in a 6-pack), walla walla (I've grown before) and yellow granex (haven't grown before). I'm not the granex will work this far north, but can't hurt to try.

Outdoor Flowers 2016

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The pansies have had a rough time outdoors, but pansyfest is approaching anyway! laugh Got a decent crop of shady lady impatiens coming along indoors, too. Only one of my hollyhocks seems to be coming back from winter - oh, well. The purple violas I planted last year, and a few of last year's pansies, are doing well.

Outdoor Peppers 2016

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The peppers are still indoors at this point, but getting big - about 13 weeks old now for the indoor/outdoor pair, a yummy and a carmen.

This is my first try growing yummy. They seem to need more light than carmen. It didn't hold onto any fruit until I got up to 3 23W CFLs for the two plants. But now happy.

The regular-season outdoor peppers are also 3 weeks old now (from seed).

Outdoor Tomatoes 2016

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Still inside, of course, but the elder tomatoes are now 3 weeks old, and the younger ones just planted.

I'm trying tomato grafting for the first time!

Learning 1:  grafting rootstock grows faster than anything I want to graft to it! Should have planted scions 5 days before rootstock...


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